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How ‘You Shop, Brands Donate’ Improves Retail Experience

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Over the years, people’s shopping habits have undergone many changes, and it looks like these changes are here to stay. But giving customers a great retail experience is still an important priority for businesses. So, retail shops have made a few adjustments in an attempt to improve consumers’ retail experience at a time when consumer preferences can be as fickle as the weather in October.

Some have ramped up their digitalization, offering virtual and augmented reality shopping, touchless and cashless payment systems, e-commerce portals for online sales, and others. Traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores focused their marketing strategies online in the hopes of increasing their digital presence.

However, for some consumers, it would take more than an online presence to inspire brand loyalty. For many of them, a good retail experience is what encourages brand loyalty. Convenience and customer service would certainly help towards improving retail experience, but giving to charity is also up there.

How Giving Back Improves Retail Experience

Not only because giving back is the right thing to do, but because it could also improve retail experience. Also, it’s a nice side effect for a business that’s trying to do something good. ‘You shop, brands donate’ and other similar charities could go a long way towards making it easier for people who need support. Additionally, giving back can improve the overall retail experience of all stakeholders.

So, below are how charities, like ‘you shop, brands donate,’ help businesses and consumers alike by improving retail experience.

1. Creates A Happy Team

A business that has a mission not only to make a profit but also to give back to the community makes for happier workers. A positive culture in the workplace is always an enjoyable place to visit.

Moreover, a charity like ‘you shop, brands donate’ can show that a business is actively interested in its community. It can also do wonders to the morale of the workers, who are also part of the community. If a business has happy, motivated workers, the business and its brand will flourish. Since customers will notice this, it would result in a more positive retail experience for everybody.

2. Inspires Brand Loyalty

Customers respond more if a business supports a charity or cause, especially if it’s relevant to the company’s base. They’re also more likely to recommend to others a business (and its products) that support some kind of charity.

For example, if a business aims for a younger customer base, they’d most likely expect a business to support a charity of some kind. Generation Zers and millennials are also likely to be more aware of the importance of social justice and the environment. They may not be giving money directly to their favorite causes, but these young shoppers (under 40) would be more inclined to support a business that gives to charity.

3. Enhances A Brand’s Reputation

A business that shows an interest in being involved in the community enhances its brand visibility. Companies that support charities can strengthen awareness for their brands, enabling consumers to see them in a favorable light. It’s mainly because giving to charity is among the most trusted and admired activities. It can also make a great difference in how people view a company.

Consumers look at companies that actively support charities as not only ethical but also trustworthy. You, as a consumer, are more inclined to patronize a company that’s engaged in some kind of corporate philanthropy. Additionally, a company’s reputation in the community is enhanced, so people would gladly be associated with the brand. It can spread awareness of the brand and also of the charity or cause that it supports.

So, a charity drive will likely spread to other businesses. Everybody wins.

4. Increases Sales

If the ‘Benevolent Halo Effect’ is to be believed, consumers learning about a company’s record of doing good translates to positive feelings toward the company, which, in turn, leads to people believing that the company’s products have superior quality.

The halo effect is likely true because in a study done by the Journal of Consumer Research, hearing about a company’s charitable actions affect consumers’ perception of its products, equating doing good with better products. This always leads to a steady stream of customers purchasing from the business. Customers will always choose to buy from such companies because they know that it’s also for a good cause. It’s a win-win all around.


A business that supports a charity like ‘You Shop, Brands Donate’ is trusted and admired, making customers more than happy to patronize it. Not only will this result in increased sales, but a business that gives back to the community inspires its workers to be motivated, making the retail experience of everyone concerned more positive.

People in the community will also regard the business in a more positive light. They’ll be glad to associate themselves with the brand. The more people know about the business and the charity, the more the charity, as well as the brand’s reputation, will spread.

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