High chances that you would have landed on this article could be that you are looking for a career switch or finding a dream job or you are someone who has already been doing activities that a Business Analyst does, but probably you are not assigned with this ‘designation’ in your organization.

Any career is a good career, if you are:

  • Finding it in high demand.
  • Knowing the right skills for the role and demonstrating them well.
  • Adding value to your end users.
  • Getting paid well.
  • Coping well by having the right mindset.
  • Finding it challenging, but achievable.
  • Having similar experience and having a lot of overlaps with your current role and responsibilities.

So, if you are looking forward to Become a Business Analyst – here are the recommendations or validations. 

  • High Demand

The Business Analyst role is one of the roles in high demand in the market. This is the role that is demanded in both tech and non-tech industries. One of the prominent fact-finding agencies in the United States of America which is one of the governing bodies of labor economics and statistics has forecasted that the need for Business Analysts would increase by 14% by the year 2024. So, this role is evolving and will stay in high demand in the coming years. Visit the site for more information:

  • Right Skills for Business Analysts

Business Analysts play a crucial role between the business and implementation teams. It is important that Business Analysts should have both the hard skills and soft skills required for effectiveness. 

  • Adding Value to your end users

Business Analysts deal with a lot of stakeholders, which ranges from your customer (or clients), Subject Matter Experts, Implementation Subject Matter experts (in the IT industry – they are developers, testers, technical architects), Project Managers. Business Analysts are expected to add value for each of them by:

  • Playing the role of change enabler and helping clients to achieve outcomes.
  • Working with Project Managers to help them plan well the initiatives you are involved in.
  • Working with the Implementation team members so that they can understand the requirements well and deliver what is expected from the business.
  • Working with Quality Engineers to help them understand the requirements and support them to get the well tested solution for end users.
  • Getting Paid Well

Well-trained and certified Business Analysts are paid exceptionally well. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the range of salaries for Business Analysts is from $90,000 to $150,000 (or even more for Senior positions in Business Analysis) per year.

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  • Coping well by having the right mindset

Apart from having the hard skills required for business analysis, Business Analysts are required to have soft skills as well to perform well in this role. As this role requires a lot of stakeholder collaboration – which requires dealing with a lot of problem-solving, conflict resolution, and pressuring situations. Having the right mindset helps in coping well in complex situations.

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  • Challenging, yet achievable

This career is challenging as it requires a mix of hard and soft skills and immense collaboration. One has to assess well how to form a balance and yet achieve the required outcomes for their end users. To accomplish this, the right training and certifications help one in preparing and be the right asset for the organization.

  • Got Similar Experience

Many of the aspirants aiming to become Business Analysts also perform some of the activities that Business Analysts do. Folks with roles as Quality Assurance Engineer, Project Manager, Product Owner, Product Manager, System Analyst, and even Software Developers can plan for switching to this challenging career option as they already do some of the business analysis tasks already in their profession.

Key Take-aways

Business Analyst is definitely a great career option. It is recommended that one should be well trained for this profession and then play a crucial role in their organizations for the Business Analysis activities. If you’re looking to become a business analyst, enroll now in Techcanvass ECBA Certification Training which will help you learn formal BA skills as well as prepare you for ECBA Certification. Techcanvass is a premier Authorized training partner (ATP) of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA and a premier Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada. Founded by IT professionals, Techcanvass is committed to making learning a more structured, practical and goal-oriented exercise.

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