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KBC Lottery Winner List WhatsApp 2021

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If you’re in Delhi, you may name this vast range. That manner, they’ll come again to you faster. Delhi-based KBC is a 25 lakh lottery enthusiast. It’s an excellent reality that they will get coins in just one call for 25,000 kbc lottery winner. Call KBC Delhi Headquarters 0019188444470 for your way. There might be substantial coins prizes for you and your family. The KBC place of business will offer you a complete manual at home.

Please be aware that when you have received calls from KBC Geo Office name, Millionaire Games, KBC WhatsApp or India Online Lottery, please no longer offer unknown characters/cash now. Don’t pay online. We need to say this is the primary touch variety of the various primary KBC and Geo helpline furnished. KBC Helpline Number, KBC Original WhatsApp Number KBC Season Lottery Number Eleven Lottery Quantity There are straightforward steps to ensure the KBC lottery range. First, open the dedicated KBC Internet web page of KBC Lottery, go to the Net Lottery Tester net web page, and input your cellular cell smartphone’s tremendous variety and lottery quantity.

It could help in case you gained the lottery. So sign up for KBC Lottery 2021 for the 11th model on authentic portals and keep away from fake KBC lottery calls.

Yes, if you are a registered member of KBC Lottery Number Verification, you can mention the lottery amount as soon as you are informed. Please feel handy to touch us. Just touch the KBC important place of business in Bandra, you can get a cash prize of two 2,500,000. But at the equal time, you want to be cautious of absolutely pseudo-humans.

Who will not come to spend their cash?

Also, in case you don’t have a comprehensive shape of lotteries now, you can now buy the KBC lottery online to win lots of coin prizes. There are many Indians who buy KBC lottery tickets to alternate their way of existence. You do not need to worry about the price; right now, they’re offering the lottery online from the number one day of KBC’s lottery software.

What are the rumours?

A lucky draw has lately taken place, and the viral message is spreading that the person has a threat to win the 250,000 rupee lottery. KBC JIO does the lottery.

The message additionally states that celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani, or even Narendra Modi have completed this fortunate draw with the valuable resource of KBCJIO. The message additionally consists of a WhatsApp range to touch you for additional facts to get your winnings.

KBC lottery winner 2021 list Whatsapp

No      KBC Winner Name           Lottery Amount           Lottery Number                Winner Mobile Number   
1    Mr.Dhyan Chand                  25,00,000                          89918                                  807 ******007 
2    Mr.Sreejesh Prattu               25,00,000                         98800                                  901 ****** 000
3    Ms. Mansi Joshi                      25,00,000                        88110                                  787 ****** 439
4    Ms.Nuzhat Parween              25,00,000                        00778                                  887 ****** 115
5    Ms.Pooja Vastrkar                  25,00,000                         0077                                   678 ***** *049
6    Manpreet Singh                      25,00,000                          1122                                   770 ****** 097

Kbc helpline number 2021 

Sr. #        Head Office                                           KBC Official Numbers
1         KBC Head Office Number Mumbai                      +19188444470
2         KBC Head Office Number Kolkata                      +19188444470
3         KBC Head Office Number Delhi                           +19188444470
4         KBC All India Helpline Number                               +19188444470

Here are the KBC 2021 draw winners listing if you need to participate in the KBC lottery winners. You can touch the number one KBC office. Many representatives will assist you year after year when you have to display the listing of winners of the kbc whatsapp lottery winner list number online for the final month of 2021 and the agenda of the listing of destiny winners. The quantity of KBC head office is here. People who sacrifice fraud with Indians within the call for lottery prevailing prizes. Beware of this type of fraud and do not supply calls from Pakistani numbers right now.

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