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LVT Flooring: A Quick Guide

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Lvt flooring (LVT) is a long-lasting, flexible, and watertight flooring alternative that has grown in popularity in recent years. Thanks to modern technology, this adaptable flooring is available in a wide range of elevated designs, featuring wood-look and stone-look planks.

However, because not every vinyl plank flooring is created equal, a guide is necessary to choose which LVT is appropriate for each job.

Although the cost of various types of LVT varies, price structure should not be the sole factor in your decision. You won’t be offended if you analyze the type of place where it will be implemented and what each LVT collection uh has to serve.

Types of Finishes

LVT comes in a variety of finishes, which are coatings put over a whole wear layer. The finish gives gloss, preserves the wear layer, and accentuates the colour and pattern. LVT planks come in three different finishes:

  • For the estimated amount of foot traffic and activities, urethane coatings are adequate. Scratches and stains from shoes aren’t a problem. They make cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring a breeze
  • No-wax finishes are ideal for places with little foot traffic or dirt exposures.
  • The finest grade urethane finishes are advanced urethane finishes. They produce a high-gloss appearance that lasts a lot longer than other finishes.

Solutions for Waterproof Floor

One of the most significant advantages of luxury vinyl tile is that it is waterproof. Whereas liquid will not penetrate the surface of the LVT boards and cause harm to the flooring, it may leak through cracks. That problem can be overcome with a waterproof underlayment. LVT is an excellent flooring alternative for each and every area of the home if your home suffers from excessive dampness.


It is often not necessary to use underlayment. One of the advantages of LVT is that this has some form of underlayment incorporated in, so it can be laid directly over the floorboards.

Nevertheless, there are times when an underlay is the better option. It serves to lessen room sounds, improves the waterproofing quality of LVT, and minimizes the “shattering” sound that occurs when LVT is built on an irregular or debris-filled subfloor.

How does LVT make you feel?

If you’re debating whether to go with LVT or laminate, think about how you want your floors to feel. Because LVT is constructed of vinyl, it has a plastic-like feel rather than a wood-like feel.

Buyers Guide

When it refers to the basic structure of luxury vinyl tiles, there isn’t much of a distinction. Some manufacturers employ a different material on the bottom base layer, although the majority utilise either vinyl or a vinyl-limestone mix.

Design is the most effective technique to categorise LVT. Various producers will create their own distinct designs. As a result, you might come across LVT that looks like wood, ceramic, slate, or natural stone. This gives homeowners a wide range of design alternatives from which to pick.

Before making a purchase, it is a smart option to perform some research. Examine the differences in composition and design across distinct brands.


The above article has hopefully given you a guide of what LVT is all about, its finishes , about waterproofing  and whether it is the right choice for your beautiful home or not .

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