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Magic Software Enterprises Ltd (NYSE: MSFT)

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Magic Software Enterprises Ltd (NYSE: MSFT) is a global enterprise software company. It is headquartered in Or Yehuda, Israel, and is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TA-100 Index. The company has been in business for more than a decade, and is valued at $2.2 billion. The company provides software for small and medium businesses, including enterprises of all sizes.

Founded in 1985, Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a global provider of enterprise software and services. The company’s products enable businesses to manage their information systems in an efficient and effective manner. Among its many offerings are enterprise mobility and cloud-enabled application platforms. Its vertical solutions include sales management, customer service, and marketing automation. Its mission is to help businesses succeed.

Founded in 1983, Magic Software Enterprises started as a small Israeli company that specialized in business applications for microcomputers. In 1988, it was acquired by Formula Group, headed by Dan Goldstein. In 1998, it raised more than $100 million and traded at over $1 billion valuation. Its software for business was first released for Windows, but later was also made available for Mac and Linux. In 2001, the company released an application generator called “eDeveloper,” which enabled users to develop and deploy web applications for business needs.

In 1991, the company changed its name to Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., which made it the first Israeli software company to be listed on the NASDAQ. The company developed a close relationship with IBM and focused on developing applications for AS/400 systems. In mid-1995, the company released the first version of Magic for Windows. In 1998, it was acquired by the Formula Group, headed by Dan Goldstein. In 2000, the company raised over $100 million and began trading at a $1 billion valuation. In 2001, the company released “eDeveloper” (Rohan), a generic runtime service for web-based applications.

The company’s name was changed to Magic Software in 1991. The company went public on the NASDAQ in 1992. Its first software for Windows was released in mid-1995. By 1998, the company was acquired by the Formula Group. In 2000, it had a $1 billion valuation and had raised more than $100 million. In 2001, it released the “eDeveloper” (Rohan), which provided a wide range of generic runtime services for web applications.

The company is a leading provider of enterprise-grade application development, business process integration, and smart manufacturing solutions. The company’s software is used by thousands of companies of all sizes and can be deployed on UNIX, Windows, and mobile platforms. The company has also launched several new software, including the industry-specific Industry 4.0 solution. If your business has been looking for a reliable application development company, Magic can help you make the right decisions.

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