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Make Way for These Essential Gold Earring Models Into Your Collection

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Women and earrings go hand in hand, there is seldom a day on which a woman would step out without a pair of earrings. In earlier times, it was more of a tradition for Indian women to wear earrings at all times. If stories are to be believed, it is thought to symbolize the family’s financial status and power.  Heavier the nuances of the jewelry, wealthier the family. However, with change in time, the beliefs evolved, and now millennial women wear jewellery to stay fashionable and express their choices. Modern women live by the mantra of less is more, they know how to make a style statement even with a single diamond ring

In the name of gold earrings, a lot of us limit ourselves to just with the knowledge of studs and danglers, let us take a look at some other earring models that are a must-have for every woman. 

1. Hoops – Hoops are your circle or oval ring of gold that runs right around your earlobes. Hoops were a rage back in early ’60s and ’70s, and the crazy of it is carried on even to date. To recreate different looks, different sizes of gold hoops are available. To match your formal wear, pick smaller rings, and save the bigger hoops for a more flirtatious look on a date night. Gold hoops are not very heavy on your pocket and they are a perfect pick for first-time gold buyers. 

2. Huggies – As the name suggests, these earrings are mean to hug your ear lobe close when you wear them on. These are the smaller, more fitted version of hoops, and they make a great choice for daily wear, especially when you want something appropriate for work as well as casual outings. These come with gemstones, coated with enamel and even studded with diamonds. Team them with trousers, skirts, Kurti, or even pantsuits, and you are all set to give your face a subtle yet charming look. You can explore reputed online jewellery stores like Melorra to check out the latest trends. Floral patterns, geometrical shapes, abstract models, you name and you will find it in the Melorra gold earrings collection. 

3. Drops- An ultimate staple to get a drop-dead gorgeous look. Often people confuse these with danglers, however, drop earrings have a fixed base and there is either a semi-precious gemstone, pearls, charm, diamonds that fall just below the earlobe. Unlike danglers drop earrings have restricted moments and don’t swing. They paint a pretty picture on the days when you feel dressy but don’t want to overdo it. 

4. Ear Cuffs- If you are on the hunt for something unique to make you stand out, then ear cuffs it is! These have been designed to be work on the upper part of your ears, and women who don’t have ear piercings can also sport them! These snuggle comfortably on the curves of your outer ear, giving you a chic look. You have several models available in these, some come even with delicate chains that can be hooked to your hair to grab the attention of people around. 

It’s always a good thing to have every model of earring in your collection to create a refreshing look each time you step out of the house.  

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