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MangaDex | Manga Dex | The best site to download comics and read manga comics

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MangaDex is an excellent online resource that will allow you to read thousands of comic and manga stories right on your browser.

Through the vast catalog available, it will not be challenging to find the titles you like best. MangaDex offers comic stories and oriental manga localized in various languages. Through free registration, it will also be possible to carry out targeted searches and, consequently, start reading directly from your browser without downloading or installing anything on your device.

The site is maintained by a large international community of enthusiasts with whom you can easily interact through the various forums and social links present.

Best site to download comics and manga

The site that gives access to comics and manga is not very numerous, so they decided to select the best web services to find this type of file.

legally downloading comics and manga

Available both in web format and as a mobile app for Android and iOS, Manga Plus is the legal platform through which the historic publisher mangadex allows fans worldwide (excluding Japan, China, and South Korea) to follow the series.

Among the site that allows the download of comics it also point out leading manga site of excellent quality where you can find a lot of things:

  • MangaDex

This site is updated and often removed, so they apologize if any site will be offline soon, but you confirm that they were all fully functional and completely free at the time of publication.

Downloaded the comic you wanted, now what?

Once we have finished downloading our comic, regardless of whether it is in PDF or ebook format, you have to read it. To read a comic well, they recommend some of the best tablets to read editorial material in any form. Alternatively, you can read it safely on your smartphone or PC screen, thanks to the best apps for reading comics.

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