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Women’s innerwear has a large variety of designs catering to different trends and styles, and one of these examples is a prima donna bra that can provide different sizes, styles, and comfort. In addition, different fashion houses are coming up with newer collections incorporating newer designs. From the push-up bra to thongs, there are so many options that it might get confusing. This is not necessarily a bad thing. These options were tailored to better suit individual preferences and body types. The proper choice among the available options can result in a relaxed wardrobe that complements one’s tastes.

A Brief Evolution of Innerwear

The earliest known form of innerwear is the loincloth which dates back to around 5000 BC. It was made of a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the hips and through the legs. Then, there were more luxurious versions made of silk for the elite.

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Another significant piece of clothing is chemises. These were loose undergarments and were long and flimsy. They are known for appearing in Boticelli’s 1477 painting called Primavera. The renaissance saw the popularisation of the corsets. This was when women had to suffer a lot in terms of comfort for fashion as the trends promoted laced up dresses and flattening their chests. This saw change in the 1800s where lavish fashion dominated the game. Petticoats were very popular during this time. This period also saw the introduction of pantaloons. These were long baggy shorts worn under skirts.

The 1900s saw the first lingerie being produced. These were decorative undergarments that were meant to be worn under trendy dresses. Girdles were also popular during this time. They were shapewear meant to flatten the stomach, and they extended over the thighs. They helped in faking a small waisted figure without being as constricting as corsets. The late 90s was the time when bikinis and thongs were introduced. Bikinis were immediately accepted by consumers and are still trending today. Even though thongs started in South America, they became popular all around by the 1980s. These were very similar to early loincloths with their triangular pieces attached to thin strings.

Nowadays, the line between outerwear and innerwear is fading, and newer trends are developing which accommodates innerwear as outerwear.

Types of Bras

The choices of bras available today are vast. Selecting the type suited for specific uses and situations can be challenging if one is not familiar with it. Here are some of the common types of bras and when to wear them.

Balconette Bra – This design partially covers the breasts while enhancing the cleavage. It also provides a bit of lift. However, this is not suited for women with large breasts as the coverage is less. These look good when worn with dresses with low necklines.

Push-up Bra – These are primarily used to give the breasts lift. They make them appear larger than they actually are. They are available in further specifications like wired and non-wired designs. These are usually avoided by women with large breasts. They enhance the cleavage and can be worn daily or for occasions. Our signature product, the Perkies sticky bra, is the only sticky bra offering replaceable adhesives.

Sports Bra – These are designed for intense physical activities and keep the breasts from bouncing. They can be worn for light activities like running and also for heavy workouts.

Strapless Bra –As the name implies, these bras don’t have straps. They usually have an underwire instead that provides support. They also come with silicone or rubber lining to prevent them from slipping off. However, there is a better option. Using a sticky bra is easy to use, reusable, and has many options. These go perfectly with classy open back dresses.

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