So, you managed to fix an upcoming date with a girl you’ve been talking to. That’s great! But it may leave you a little stressed about what outfit you should be wearing to make a lasting impression.

First impressions always matter. And, it is based on the outfit you wear. The style you carry contributes a lot to impress your date.

But before you start getting ready, here are some outfits that you must avoid wearing on the first date. Make sure to avoid them when you’re meeting somebody for the very first time.

Avoid wearing a weird hilarious t-shirt

Breaking a joke with buddies is cool. But it looks like a foolish step if we meet someone for the first time and try to be funny. If you’re a guy who does this all, even with strangers, you need to stop it right away.

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Wearing a t-shirt with a bizarre text or a teasing quote may turn your date off. In many cases, the text may appear creepy or misogynistic. Funny tshirts with such value text and quotes are a big no-no for first dates.  Decent or minimal text is okay but doesn’t go overboard with it.

Instead, wear a t-shirt with subtle color combinations. Choose smart graphics.

Don’t go sockless

The biggest mistake one can make in the dating world to go bare ankle. So, it’s better to be cautious and go by covering it up for your initial meet.

A bare ankle is likely to stir the question like, what lies beneath — a decisive sock?

Alternatively, it can project that you are scared or socks, in fact, sockless. As it’s your first date, the person on the other side may not know your hygiene regime. It can be considered as toe woe. It’s not good and might whiff of the notion that you may have smelly feet.

So, don’t be daring and wear your socks and cover your ankle.

Choose a bright pair of socks if you’re wearing brogues. For trainers, choose tube socks, and for your short height, match your socks with your trouser. This will create an illusion of longer legs and improve your appearance.

Avoid wearing a work suit

A date and a job interview, both can create anxiety for you. But don’t take your first date as an interview. You’re going to meet someone, so it should be fun. Feel relaxed rather than showing up in your work suit and fiddling with your tie.

Even if you’re all set for a weekday date, go home after work to change. Show off your sartorial dressing sense by throwing your work suit at home.

Wear a lightweight t-shirt, a pair of smart denim, and trainers to look crisp and elegant. Refer to sites like PrintShop by Designhill for your t-shirt shopping or visit any store in your locality.

Avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes

You want your perception to be good at the first meet. Avoid anything that doesn’t fit your body. Steer clear of ill-fitting cool shirts, t-shirts, pants, suits, and blazers. You don’t want to encounter anyone who needs their dress to be appropriately stitched. Measure your build and then choose clothes accordingly for the date night.

Avoid a hat

There is no logic in wearing a hat inside a restaurant. To show your respect for the national anthem, you take the hat/cap off. Show the same respect to a girl to whom you’re going o date with. Wearing a hat on your first date indicates that you have no respect for your lady. It also hides your best feature — hair that could work to impress her.

Women often love guys with the head of their hair. Do not hide it, instead show it off! Even if you have less or no hair on your head, be at your true self.

Avoid too much cologne or aftershave

You might have seen all those TV commercials featuring men overpouring themselves in the mist of cologne or body spray. But in reality, who’s going to love that heavy spritz of fragrance? Actually, no one!

The scene is opposite to what is shown in TV ads. The heavy scent can make anyone cough or choke. Make your date night grooming to the point and subtle. Don’t go OTT. Also, using a heavy layer of perfume creates doubts that you don’t like a shower.

As we already said, don’t let them doubt your personal hygiene. Be a nice gentleman by wearing a subtle fragrance.  Pick a scent that you’re comfortable in and apply a little spritz either on your biceps or wrists. Don’t forget your collarbone too.

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Don’t wear pretentious accessories

You may think yourself quite sporty or charming while carrying your iPhone encased in a carved cover. This may go wrong, horribly wrong. She will think either you’re quaint or pretentious. Carrying pretentious accessories will not impress her.

Don’t do anything that will be over-analyzed by her.

So, be subtle with accessorizing as well.


That’s all, guys. Follow these small but mindful first date clothing ideas and avoid doing things that we suggest earlier. Always remember, the first impression is the last impression.

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