What to do with yourself during a quarantine stay at home? Of course, by watching your favorite movies and TV series! Well, their guide to popular streaming services will help you decide on a suitable media platform.

Which media platform should you give preference to? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, and it needs to be understood in detail. This is precisely what we will do in review, which will help readers prioritize when choosing one or another online cinema platform.

Netflix movies not only broadcast licensed content but also invest heavily in the creation of an original film.

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One of the recognized leaders in the global video streaming services market. Netflix movies broadcast licensed content and invests heavily in creating original film products and acquiring exclusive rights to popular series. And these are not empty words: many films released by Netflix have received prestigious Oscars and Emmy awards, which testifies to the high quality of the projects implemented by the company. The huge media library of the service is presented in English, and this fact frightens off many Russian users who are confused by the language barrier. However, this problem is more far-fetched: since the arrival on the domestic market, Netflix movies have carried out significant work on the Russification of content, and at the moment, many films.

As a conclusion

So, which online cinema do you end up choosing? The answer to this question depends on the interests and hobbies of the viewer. For fans of Russian cinema, they can recommend the Start service, admirers of foreign art, and connoisseurs of English – Netflix movies.


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