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Patek Philippe: Excellent Watchmaking Since 1839

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Founded by John Adrien Philippe in 1839, Patek Philippe has supplied the world with high-quality watches for over 180 years. As such, they have built up quite the reputation within both the watch community and in society as a whole. Known as a prestigious and excellent luxury watch brand, Patek Philippine never disappoints.

With a rich and decorated history in watchmaking, the watches Patek Philippe has to offer come at rather hefty prices. Nevertheless, due to their excellent quality and stellar reputation, these watches make for a perfect addition to any collection and an excellent investment. That being said, here are some awesome Patek Philippe watches worthy of recognition.

Calatrava Manual-winding Blue Dial Diamond 18kt White Gold Ladies Watch

With a dainty and simple design, the Patek Philippe Calatrava watch is an excellent fit on any lady’s wrist. It is a wonderful addition to any watch collection. This timepiece’s simple and straightforward design gives it a vibe of elegance and refinement perfect for the modern-day woman.

With a diameter of 33 mm, this watch is guaranteed to be just the right size for every woman’s wrist. Not only that but its color and design are also dainty. Its blue dial is complemented perfectly by the silver-tone dauphine hands and blue satin strap, and white gold case. Not only does this watch look premium, but it also feels premium.

Complications Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Featuring a classic and timeless design, the Patek Philippe Complications is an excellent watch for any and every occasion, fit for every man. Like the Calatrava Ladies’ Watch, the Complications has a simple and straightforward design that radiates class and elegance.

This timepiece’s aesthetics are highly pleasing, with a case made of white gold and a dial in the color blue. Not only that, but its sword hands and Arabic numeral indexes make it easier to read the time. These qualities complement each other perfectly and are excellently tied together by a brown calfskin leather band.

Calatrava Orchids Rose Gold Diamond Bezel Ladies Watch

Like the watch mentioned above from the Calatrava collection, the Calatrava Orchids’ timepiece is simple yet beautiful. However, unlike the Calatrava Blue Dial, this watch is more ornate. Featuring an elaborate and beautiful orchid design on its dial, this watch is, as stated earlier, simple yet beautiful.

Encased in a rose gold casing and featuring a crystal made of sapphire, this watch has an exemplary design that perfectly embodies Patek Philippe’s stellar reputation. This watch is a perfect fit with a diameter of 37 mm and a design so aesthetically pleasing. Just like any Patek Philippe watch, this watch guarantees excellent quality and customer satisfaction.

Nautilus Blue Dial Men’s Calendar Watch

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Calendar watch brings lots to the table. Firstly, it has a calendar on the watch face, giving the watch optimum functionality and convenience. Its wearer can tell not only the time but also the date. Secondly, this watch’s hands have a luminescent coating, making it easy to tell the time in the dark.

Not only is this watch convenient, but it also features a sleek and covert design. It has a case and band made of white gold and a dial that comes in the color blue, giving it a relaxed vibe and clandestine design. Additionally, this watch also has a water resistance of up to 60 meters and is 40 mm in diameter. Not only that, but its cushion shape is also pleasantly unique.

What Makes Patek Philippe So Excellent?

Patek Philippe’s expertise in watchmaking and attention to detail are what brought this company to its level of fame and recognition. Patek Philippe has mastered the art of watchmaking and has cemented its place in watchmaking history with the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 watch.

Having mastered common complications such as annual calendars, second timezones, and intricate complications like minute repeaters and tourbillons, each watch produced by Patek Philippe is guaranteed to live up to its price tag. Not to mention, the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 watch used to be one of the most complicated watches with 33 different complications.


As one of the most well-known and influential luxury watch brands, Patek Philippe has been producing high-quality and exact watches for more than 180 years, and it seems like this company won’t be stopping any time soon. With watches that have nearly everything you could ask for, Patek Philippe lives up to and retains its stellar reputation.

Patek Philippe watches are the perfect combination of aesthetics, excellent craftsmanship, and practicality, making them one of the best luxury watch brands to purchase from. With timepieces from this company, clients are guaranteed more than satisfaction but also a sense of deeper fulfillment.

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