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Pocket7Games is Now Available on the Samsung Galaxy Store

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Samsung users have one more thing to celebrate — besides long battery time, essentially shatterproof phones, and the telling green bubble in text conversations. Now, every Samsung user will be able to play along with their friends and compete for free money on Pocket7Games, the growing mobile gaming app that’s taken the world by storm.

Pocket7Games is now available for Samsung users to download any time on the Samsung Galaxy, so they can try their luck at skill games, cash games, and a collection of tournaments and events. Not only that, but new users will be able to secure the usual freebies, Bonus Cash, and free perks like Spin Coins that come with their first week on top of larger rewards they can get for themselves — and their friends.

To get access to these rewards, simply have a friend (who has already downloaded the app) go to the “Invite & Rewards” section of their Membership screen (accessible from the primary drop-down menu) and tap the Cash Miner page. From there, they need to tap the top left corner of the screen where they will find their own personal invitation code. Then they can just copy the code, and share it with you. When a new user uses this code to create their account, they’ll earn new rewards for the friend who shared the code as well as bonuses for themself.

All across the country, users are competing to win real money in games like Bingo Clash, 21 Gold, and Bubble Shot. Each of these games has bright, colorful design and quick and easy gameplay and is included in Pocket7Games’ all in one game platform with over 10 classic games. Those looking to explore mobile skill gaming will be excited to peruse the app’s many different offerings — which also feature timed events and tournaments where users can win even more money in showdowns against top players.

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When it comes time to cash out — and spend that hard earned free money — rest assured that Pocket7Games is a trusted withdrawal provider and authorized partner with PayPal. The multiple ways to withdraw include PayPal, check and direct deposit to bank accounts, but you can also always use your winnings to enter higher stakes games where you’ll have the chance to win huge cash prizes. So no matter how you choose to spend your winnings, just know that Pocket7Games offers legit payout via trustworthy payment channels.

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To download the app for yourself, simply head to the Samsung Galaxy store and search “Pocket7Games Samsung”. Once you log on, you’ll gain access to a full week of freebies and be able to see why millions are trying their chances at high stakes competitions and events.

Many also find that their favorite game changes often. Trying out all the classic, skill-based games on the Samsung or iOS app is a great way to spend — especially when it means you can win real money.

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