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Popular Cosmetic Treatments for 2022

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How to Look Gorgeous and Feel Like New

Are you tired of your skin looking tired? Then show yourself some love this year by indulging in the hottest treatments and trends in beauty! From laser hair removal to simple chemical peels, we’ll share the best ways to look rejuvenated and feel fresh 365 days a year.

Laser Hair Removal to Be Smooth by Summer

Did you know the best time to get laser hair removal is in the winter? Not because you shave a little less, but because the contrast between your skin and body hair is at its greatest. Lasers for hair removal work by identifying hair and heating the pigment just enough to kill your hair follicle. When your skin is at its lightest, a laser can easily find body hair and eliminate it, which makes your treatments a little more efficient.

Cosmetic Injectables for Fast and Easy Results

Let’s face it. Over-the-counter products that claim to reduce wrinkles and lift sagging skin don’t really work. If you want actual results in anti-aging, then you need to talk to a medical provider about cosmetic injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. Not sure what they do? Check out this quick guide:

Botox or Dysport

These neuromodulators temporarily and gently block the signals between your nerves and muscles. Injections are usually placed in areas like between your eyes, around your mouth, and your forehead. The results are smoothed wrinkles and a relaxed face. Don’t worry, when you get your injections from a professional, complications from Botox or Dysport are highly unlikely.

Dermal Fillers

Welcome to the fountain of youth! Nothing can revive and enhance your natural beauty than dermal fillers. Most fillers are based with hyaluronic acid (HA), which your body produces naturally. HA helps your skin keep moisture and drawing collagen to your skin. When injected, dermal fillers add glow to your skin and lift sagging areas of skin like your lips and cheeks.

Cosmetic injections are technique sensitive. Make sure you always receive treatment from an expert, or you may have less than desirable results.

Laser Facials to Get Rid of Annoying Spider Veins

We all know the sun is terrible for our skin, but it’s hard to resist summer rays on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, sun damage can cause some unsightly spots on your skin, like spider veins and sun spots. There are absolutely no products you can buy from the store that truly reverse sun damage.

That’s when you schedule a laser facial with a medical provider. Not only do they reverse the signs of aging and blast away hyperpigmentation, they’re also effective spider vein treatments! You can finally get rid of annoying broken capillaries. Best of all, laser facials require zero downtime and are non-invasive.

Try a Simple Chemical Peel When Your Exfoliator Isn’t Working

Chemical peels are a great way to treat yourself and take care of skin issues at the same time. There are actually three levels of chemical peels to help you reach your skincare goals. Check out what kind are available:

Light Chemical Peels

If your skin is feeling a little dull, then brighten up with a light chemical peel. This treatment exfoliates better than any product available on store shelves. It’s best for dry skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and mild-to-moderate acne.

Medium Chemical Peels

Do you have several skincare concerns? Then a medium chemical peel is for you! Get rid of acne scarring that won’t fade away, smooth uneven texture, and tackle fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is also great for rosacea and melasma!

Deep Chemical Peels

These peels are for very serious skincare issues and require several days of downtime. You need a pretreatment that takes about 8 weeks. After that, a doctor will need to sedate you before performing your deep chemical peel. This treatment is best for moderate-to-severe sun damage and some precancerous growths.

Chemical peels work well with other cosmetic treatments like injections and thread lifts. Talk to your medical provider about combining treatments, in order to get maximum results!

Great Skincare Never Goes Out of Style

Gorgeous skin starts with the right at-home skincare routine. This means taking the time to ask your esthetician or dermatologist about what products are right for you, and what order you should use them in. Refining your at-home routine keeps acne at bay, your skin supple, and your face looking young. Once you’ve found the right combination of products that work with your skin type, your cosmetic treatments will look even better!

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