The Qatar World Cup is slowly approaching and will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022. The competition will be on everyone’s minds again this year. Is it the right time to try your luck with sports betting? We give you our tips to bet better!

How to get started in sports betting during the World Cup?

Haven’t you discovered the world of sports betting yet? The biggest competition in the history of football is approaching, so it is the perfect opportunity to start with the Football World Cup – Qatar 2022 predictions. In this article, we will bring you the basic tips that will allow you to get a good start in the world of online betting, and the tips to bet successfully. Each tip is important, so read the article to the end!

Analyze the great teams

Before the start of the competition, the groups made up of the coaches will gradually fall. So you have to be very attentive to each of the squads called up for this World Cup, as there could be last-minute surprises or injuries. Thus, teams like France, Germany, England, Brazil, and Spain have an impressive group and will be able to qualitatively compensate for the entire competition. This is not the case for less prestigious teams.

A team like Canada, for example, deprived of one of its best players like Jonathan David or Alphonso Davies, would clearly not be the same. Despite their good qualifying, it might be worth reconsidering a bet on the Canucks games, if you don’t want to get caught out. That is why it is very important to know the 23 players that will make up each group during this 2022 World Cup.

Analyze the shape

In the continuity of the previous advice, it will be important to carefully analyze the form proposed by the players, and in particular the strong men, during the first matches of the competition.

And, again, this advice especially applies to nations that mostly rely on 3 or 4-player talent. It only takes one or two of these players to be out of shape, suspended, or injured in the face, and the results of a nation completely change during the competition.

The 3rd party trap

We thought it necessary to raise this point because it is important for many bettors. In fact, the third game of a group stage can be a real trap for bettors under certain conditions.

For example, sometimes a team is qualified and guaranteed to finish first in their group after their first two matches. Then it is very likely that the coach will rotate for the third and final match of the group. And it is that, even if the team starts as a favorite, the substitutes will never be at the same level, which sometimes leads to a surprising result. Hence the importance of avoiding betting too much in this type of match.

For example, during the last World Cup in 2018, the Blues were obviously favorites against Denmark in the third match. With the guarantee of finishing in the top two, Didier Deschamps’s men settled for 0-0. So beware, these third games may have many surprises in store for us!

Prioritize pre-match bets

For some years now, you can choose between two main types of bets: pre-match bets and live bets, while the matches are being played. For amateur and beginner bettors, we strongly recommend favoring the first possibility.

In fact, betting before the match will allow you to analyze and place your bet with a clear head. While a bet is placed live, it is much more often based on emotion and without in-depth analysis. This type of bet rarely happens, and therefore we advise you, when it is starting, to place bets before the matches start. Another tip, wait until the compositions of the two teams are known. The rating will lose some of its value, but you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. 

Compare odds

This is a reflection that must be taken very quickly when betting. There are more than fifteen bookmakers on the market and each of them offers different odds for the same bet. For example, for a match between Portugal and Turkey during the tie, the victory of Ronaldo’s teammates was offered at 1.38 on Bet365, while Luckia offered it at 1.36.

A very small difference, but one that can have an impact on your net profits in the long run. Over the course of the bursa taruhan piala dunia World Cup, if you make a habit of comparing them with our World Cup 2022 odds comparator, you will possibly see tens of euros in winnings. Therefore, we strongly advise you to shop around and see which operator offers the best value for the bet you wish to place before placing a bet.

Finally, one last piece of advice: do not hesitate to follow the analysis, advice, and forecasts of the experts at sportytrader. Whether it’s to reassure you about a bet you want to make, to find out statistics and other figures, or to give you betting ideas. Our experts will cover 100% of the 2022 World Cup matches with their experience, which they exercise throughout the year. They will be able to guide you through the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Did you get it? If so, we wish you a good start for your sports betting.

How to use Cash Out during the 2022 World Cup?

Are you afraid of making a mistake when betting on the 2022 World Cup? Looking for a reliable way to save money and secure your Worlds winnings? Then use the Cash Out! In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the Cash Out option of online bookmakers. The Soccer World Cup is probably the best time to learn how to use it!

What is Cash Out?

Before knowing how to use cash out, it seems necessary to know its definition and how it works. First developed in the UK a few years ago, Cash Out has made a strong impact in Spain and Latin America. Well established now, its principle is simple: in a sports match, you have the possibility to stop a bet in progress if the events of the match are not developing as you had planned, and therefore recovering a part of your bet is possible. Of course, it is important to note that you will not get your entire bet back. But the most important thing is that you will save a good part, instead of losing it all. Ideal for securing every  World Cup prediction you make.

A concrete example of Cash Out

To better visualize this cash-out, let’s imagine that you bet 50 on a victory for the Spanish team, in a match against Japan. Unfortunately for the players of the Red, against all odds, the Japanese brought out their qualities, taking advantage and leading the score at halftime. You are then very logically worried about your bet, and even more so when you realize that Spain is not having a good night, so you decide to use the Cash Out option!

By using it in due time at the bookmaker, you will have the opportunity to recover part of your bet (usually between 30 and 40%) or 15 to 20 for the basic sum of 50. Finally, does La Roja give up the game to the Japanese? Well, you will not have lost the 50, and finally, you will have recovered an interesting sum, which you can bet later. The first advantage of this Cash Out for the 2022 World Cup.

The second advantage of Cash Out in the World Cup

In addition to avoiding losing your entire bet when a bet goes wrong, Cash Out has a second option, which can be very useful for saving your winnings. In fact, the Cash Out option will also be used to secure winnings on a bet in progress, which you will therefore have decided to stop in order to receive the guaranteed money.

Imagine for example that you make a combination with Germany, Argentina, Belgium, and Poland. Lewandowski, the author of a great game, allowed his country to take the 3 points. Ditto for Lukaku with Belgium and Havertz for Germany. So you only have one game left to win your bet: Argentina. Lionel Messi scores a magnificent goal just before halftime and Argentina wins 1-0 as he heads to the locker room. However, the Albiceleste did not play well at all and were even dominated by their rival in the first 45 minutes. So this is the perfect time to lock in some of your potential winnings and cash out.

In fact, by using this option, you stop your current bet and secure part of the potential winnings. Then you will not get all the promised profits during your bet (example: 440 for a bet of 100 with a general odd of 4.40), but an amount that will remain interesting (example: 220 in this fictitious case). Finally, is Argentina hooked? Instead of losing your 100 bet, you receive a nice sum of money. This Cash Out system is definitely interesting, especially during a competition like the Soccer World Cup.

We especially appreciate the Cash Out created by the Codere site. Available across a wide range of sports, competitions, and matches, the amount you get back is usually in the upper middle of the market, and the bookmaker once again proves its generosity to its players. One more reason to register elsewhere is if you don’t have a Codere account yet. We are talking about a sports betting site that has proven itself for a long time.

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