There have been a number of innovative leaps forward with laser hair removal machines, particularly in recent years with upgrades being made to the efficiency, portability, and overall build quality of these units. Laser hair removal machines come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and technological capabilities that make them the perfect successors to the wax strips of yesteryear.

Clinics around the country have adopted laser hair removal machines and other aesthetical solutions to keep up with the rapidly expanding beauty market that demands more intuitive and technologically advanced methods of keeping up appearances.

You might be wondering what innovations are present in modern laser hair removal machines, well, that is what this article will be exploring.

The Problem With The Old Ways

The reason that laser hair removal machines have taken over so rapidly is due in no small part to the fading efficacy of waxing and shaving treatments when compared to the pioneering advancement of tech.

Let’s use waxing as an example of inefficiency. In days gone by, this technique was time-consuming for clinics and beauticians to provide often resulting in a reduced client load for any given day. Compile that with the general discomfort traditionally experienced with the hot wax and subsequent ripping of follicles from the skin – no doubt you’re already wondering, “how did we put up with this for so long?!”

Shaving had equal annoyances with providers often dedicating an egregious amount of time to the proper processes and ensuring that there was no area left untouched or affected. The aftercare and feeling are also not optimal with scratching and redness an often-unfortunate side effect of the treatment.

Laser hair removal machines came about as a solution to these problems, and as we will explore, they have lived up to the hype perfectly.

The Renaissance of Laser Hair Removal Machines

As we have already established, the old ways just weren’t cutting it anymore. Clinic/beautician revenues were down, the discomfort was not optimal, and the treatments themselves would be ineffective over long periods of time.

This is where laser hair removal machines came into prominence, these devices are available in portable and stationary variations and utilise forward-thinking tech and intense beams of light to eradicate follicles for longer periods of time cleanly and safely.

The multi-faceted nature of these machinations has to be seen to be believed, light therapies are becoming the go-to for modern beauty and skincare clinics due to the impressive stability and effectiveness of the results.

Aesthetically focused treatments are in hot demand as well and the distinct advantage of most laser hair removal machines is the fact that they can be used for a variety of these treatments. These include specialty skin treatments, Cryo treatments, specialised LED treatments, and many more.

The age of wax and pain is long behind us, especially thanks to the rising tide of technology that has unburdened modern skincare treatment clinics of the old ways – and catapulted them into the new.


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