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Should I Have A Pre-wed Shoot?

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Also romantically known as engagement shoots, these are now a popular addition to a couple’s wedding photography package. But what is it that makes them popular and are they right for you? According to Richard Sena, a professional wedding photographer in Surrey, if you can answer yes to any of these questions then consider booking in a pre-wed shoot.

1. I Feel Awkward In Front Of A Camera

If you ever feel slightly embarrassed when a camera is pointed at you and it’s on your mind when you are thinking about your wedding day, then consider a  pre-wed shoot. It’s actually quite normal to feel a bit awkward, I mean it’s not every day someone points a chunky professional-looking camera at you, yeah sure people do pictures with their mobiles all the time but when it matters, then you start to think how you look and the natural spontaneity is often lost.

A professional wedding photographer will very quickly make you feel relaxed about the whole affair. You’ll see how they work and they’ll see how you interact so you will both learn something about each other. And then when you see the results of how wonderful you look in your casual clothes, you’ll feel far more confident when the big day arrives.

2. My Partner And I Are Not ‘Touchy Feely’ In Public

Whilst a couple may love each other dearly it doesn’t mean that they are totally au fait in showing their love and affection out in a public space. Some couples aren’t that ‘touchy and feely’ and so walking hand in hand and whispering sweet nothings to each other may not be a behaviour that  feels natural to them.  An experienced photographer will enable a couple to relax, concentrate solely on each other and to enjoy their surroundings.

3. We Don’t Have The Time To Just Spend On Ourselves

In today’s busy world, when you always have things to do there never seems to be a time when you can just stop everything and spend time totally together, outside in a lovely environment away from interruption. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to do all that. Your photographer will enable it and help you along the way and you will find it truly rewarding.

4. We’d Love To Have Memories Of Us In A Romantic Scenic Location

What better opportunity to experience a memorable, scenic walk together in spring or autumn in the UK? Both seasons are well known for showing nature at its most colourful. In autumn the backdrops are of the ever-changing colours of the trees as nature begins to go to sleep for the winter. In spring, when nature begins to reawaken, there are the stunning colourful vistas of bright yellow daffodils and the beautiful violet hues of the bluebells.

So, Should You Have A Pre-wed Shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot helps get rid of any awkwardness you may have of being together in a public area. You also get to spend some romantic time together in a lovely setting. So not only do you get some great memories but you get some valuable practice for the big day itself.

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