Kurta pyjama attire is considered as an epitome of fab and elegance. This dress-up has been a favourite party wear attire amongst men and has also hit the casual and trendy market. With stylish kurta for men trending these days giving more options to men to style up, here we list down a few ways in which you can style your kurta this season:

Pair it up with the suitable bottom wear

Kurta fashion has risen above crossing all the barriers of yesteryear stories, and it is no more restricted to just pyjamas, but multiple other bottom wears. Ranging from pyjamas to churidars and jeans, there are a couple of them that you can consider pairing it with for a distinguished look; here is how you can couple your kurta with other bottom wears as per the event, comfort and style:

Kurta and pyjama

Pyjamas are easy to wear and quite comfortable, and hence kurta pyjama serves as a perfect combo for a casual yet stylish look. All you need to do is to wear a straight cut pyjama with a snug fit kurta to gain attention.

Kurta and dhoti

Dhoti fashion may take you back to the age-old days, but these are one such outfit that is in trend and can be considered as a vintage fashion that has made a remarkable comeback. Pairing dhotis with a stylish kurta for men is another look that you can rock by bringing these olden days clothing coupled with a fashionable kurta.

Kurta and churidar

Another attire that gives your kurta a complete look is kurta and churidar, which has been trending for years now. Churidars are best suited with long kurtas and present an ethereal look puffed with elegance. They also make a person look taller owing to the camouflaging capability of churidars defining your legs with the bunch of clothing crumpled together in the form of churis at your ankles.

Kurta and jeans

This combination can be taken as an Indo-western look that is trending among the younger generation. You can often see youth wearing a kurta over jeans and walking out in their casual slippers to give their look a sense of completeness. This attire is perfect for a friend’s day out. May it be short kurtas or long ones; both can go well with jeans aggrandising your looks.

Kurt pyjama with turban

So are you soon to attend a wedding of a friend? Kurta pyjama and a turban can work wonders for you. Not only will this attire make you look stylish, but it will also distinguish you among others as a close friend of the groom. The turban will represent a fresh look, making you pose in swag to click a few photos as a fast friend of the groom.

Opt monochromatic fashion

Another way to showcase your different style is to be a monochrome man. Monochrome is in trend these days, and it is perfectly normal to experiment with the ongoing trends with any attire you wish to wear. Wearing a monochrome printed jacket over your kurta or getting the collars of your kurta designed in monochromatic fashion can get you to enter the list of monochrome man. This is a glorious and ethereal combination to don on for attending a wedding party.

Floral fashion

Did you think floral fashion s only reserved for ladies kurti? If you are someone of the same thought, then you are sadly mistaken because floral fashion is highly trending in men’s clothing market. Gone are those days when flower and leaf prints were just limited to the female market; these days, floral fashion is trending at the top, especially in the kurta pyjama attire. Floral jackets over kurta is a highly appealing look, and one does not need to shy off to wear the floral trends. It is all in all heart-warming and lets you showcase your style taste with confidence.

Complimenting footwear

You cannot wear sports shoes with your kurta pyjama as you wear it with jeans. Shoes and sports shoes are a total no-no with a kurta pyjama attire. But it is not that only ethnic footwear’s can be worn with kurtas; you can go ahead to mix and match western footwear’s with traditional outfits as well to make people notice your style. Wearing mojdis with a kurta is an ethnic combo that you can wear to highlight your Indian genes. These shoes are available in various colours and patterns, especially in golden and silver colour to compliment embroidered kurtas that you don as party wear. On the contrary, pairing casual or classy sandals with kurta pyjamas and churidars or jeans is an Indo –western look that you can take up to mix and match fashion to the next level.


We hope we have given a few tips to style up your kurta. So what are you waiting for? Now since you know a few tricks to master your kurta pyjama looks, try implementing the above ideas while donning on a kurta pyjama and be ready to earn huge compliments.


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