Home Blog The 4 points to look for while proofreading are decided in accordance with the topics of the articles. These 4 issues are detailed below:

The 4 points to look for while proofreading are decided in accordance with the topics of the articles. These 4 issues are detailed below:

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The article title should be chosen according to whatever the article topic is. It is very important that the title is short and understandable when editing an article. Moreover, it is important to note that both the paragraphs and the title have not been previously published in any other articles. When editing the article, including both Turkish and English titles will provide the opportunity for an article to become more scientifically important. It is extremely important to be careful with spelling rules in each paragraph of the article. While deciding on the article title, it should be a summary of the subject. It should also include the information about which years the article covers.

Article Abstract

One should pay attention to the abstract part of the article while proofreading. The abstract should be treated as a single whole, seperate from the article. This part should consist of at least 300 words and at most 400 words. It is very important for the articles to be edited by someone who is fluent in English and to have a comprehensive knowledge of the spelling rules. In the abstract, which is generally written in 2 paragraphs, it is explained briefly and clearly why and how the subject described in the article is handled. It is extremely important to use footnotes while editing this part and to write it in a very clean language.

Article Keywords

When editing the article, it is essential to use keywords by highlighting the article researches. Single words should be preferred instead of phrases in the use of keywords. While creating an English word for proofreading, the meaning of the words should be emphasized. In addition to all these, it is very important to pay attention to have equal number of keywords in an article, to consist of at least 3 words, not to use numbers when writing keywords, and to spell out English words correctly.

Bibliography In The Article

If the bibliography is to be included manually, one should be careful with even very fine details. Each of the references in the introduction, development and conclusion parts of the article should be added to this part separately. Making use of the literature properly during article editing is a factor that will affect the quality of the article positively.

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