It’s safe to say that the majority of us take to online shopping on a regular basis as a signal of changing times where most of our convenience now comes from a variety of online platforms – music and podcasts being available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, the move for movies and TV away from the sofa and onto the mobile screen, and a shift for gaming as mobile continues to grow with some of the most popular options at amongst many others too. With the expanding capacity of many different online shopping platforms over these past few years too, it seems the growth is only just beginning, and the future of online shopping could continue to be very different to what it is today. But what could the future of online shopping look like?

A continued focus on mobile – With websites having a very heavy mobile focus and platforms being designed around providing mobile users with the best experience, it’ll come as no surprise that services emerging in the mobile space will only continue to grow over time and will be the focus for most merchants too. With the integration of things like voice technology, automated commerce could also find itself in this space in the not-too-distant future with accessibility becoming key.

One tap shopping – As user details become more ingrained with mobile devices and app platforms, it’s likely that there will be a continued emergence of markets taking advantage of one tap or one click shopping – Amazon has become quite well known for this with the buy now button requiring a simple swipe, making the process extremely quick, and something the bigger merchants will look to work towards to expedite the process of those looking to buy.

A potential move away from the biggest brands – Another thing that may emerge in online shopping in the future too is this shift towards smaller business rather than the larger companies – the past two years in particular have had a strong push for buying local or buying at the smaller stores and looks to be a trend that will continue. Whilst this may limit options that some buyers have, it has become a big encouragement to do so and may for the time being be a movement that many shoppers are interested in sticking too and may allow for smaller or local business to launch their own online platforms too.

With online shopping becoming such a vital part of the shopping experience, any change that does come will have a big impact, but there are certainly plenty of changes that can be made for the better of these services.


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