Every human being has a specific goal to reach in their dream. People do a lot of hard work to be successful ones. Every successful person has a story behind their extraordinary life. A person needs to make a proper dream inside with patience. Today you can know the triumphant tale of Raihan Ahammed Shanto. He makes his life successful with his day by day hard work.

Here I want to mention that he is one of the best and younger freelancers in Bangladesh. His nickname is Shnato, and people also call him Raihan. He makes our country proud by making our country a tremendous freelancing country in the world. In this article, you can know every detail about Raihan, an excellent example of a successful person as a freelancer.

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Raihan Ahammed Shanto belongs to a family where they are six members. His father, mother, two brothers and two sisters. Abdul matin and Rousanara Begum is so lucky to have this type of son who is a very much hard-working person to make his dreams comes true.

At a very early stage, he reaches the top level in all of the country’s freelancers. Raihan Ahammed Shanto completes his school life at Madhupur Sahid Smrity Higher Secondary School, and after this, he completed his under graduation from Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University. Now he is 21 years old.

From childhood, he has too much interest in virtual areas. Now he is CEO of rabbiitfirm and also the owner of shantoitfirm.

In early-stage, he demonstrates his knowledge and experience in a different areas. He makes fame as a digital marketer. You can easily find him as a top 10 digital marketer on the Bangladesh freelancer list. He is not only a worker in fiver, Upwork or another online sites. He plays a vital role in the rabbit IT and the shantoitfarm. He has excellent experience in search engine optimization, website management, web development and also in much more areas. You will find him as a great web developer.

When hardships placed upon him and the conflict, Raihan Ahammed Shanto decides to become independent. There are doubts about working and obtaining something unwise through a PC in Bangladeshi society. Specialists have always been hindered by the circumstances of the working arrangement of 9-5.

His works and insight into it

Raihan Ahammed Shanto plans a well-known stage in preparation for iT FIrms. He admits, though, that it is reliably pleasant to anticipate gratuitous study. “My nearby neighbors told my dad that I watched sex on my own computer all night, but my fans were when the wheels turned and the cash began to be fair,” he said.

He is a significant leader in Bangladesh’s freelancing society

An expert must select the talents that he needs to study, which generally confuse every person in externalization. Possible outputs are composition/modification, visual computing, website architecture, video modifications, promotion, and legal assistance.

Since he had no vague idea of the excellent course, he leapt from one course to the next. H was unable at the time to buy a nice PC. There was a mixture of bad feelings then. But he came out of all the odds he had to face then. This lack of knowledge and training might be a professional assassin.


A talented expert like Raihan Ahammed Shanto should travel to an education institution or buy training online to obtain his outstanding abilities. The majority of the extensive online and institutional courses are tragically expensive. Talents like Shanto are to be respected and loved in Bangladesh.


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