Jewish people celebrate the day of Shabbat as this day has significant traditional value and brings peace and purity to Jewish life. On this day, Jewish people eat challah. In order to cut challah, a specially designed knife is used in most Jewish families. According to Jewish tradition, this challah knife has significant value as it brings good luck to the family members. For this reason, Jewish people consider challah knives as holy. Due to this traditional value, most Jewish families keep challah knives at home and also gift these knives to friends and relatives. The holy challah knives also enhance the elegance of your living standard. Besides the traditional value, in order to give a royal look to the knives, manufacturers are constantly working on the modification of the designs.

Saw-like Blade:

The holy challah knives do not consist of straight-edged blades. Instead, the blade of the knife is saw-like or serrated. A series of teeth are there on the blade to cut the bread easily. This teeth-like structure is so prominent and sharp that it looks like a shark’s jaw. In order to provide different distances between two teeth, the blade can consist of V-series or U-series. The design of sharp serrated points helps to cut several things, especially the challah. Due to the sharp teeth of a serrated or saw-like blade, you can easily cut the outer edge of the challah and make the perfect slice.

The Artistic Impression of the Holy Challah Knives:

The metal that manufacturers use for the making of holy challah knives is silver. The design of challah knives mainly depends on two things such as- A) the ease and effectiveness of utilizing a knife so that it fulfills the purpose of cutting challah, B) the artistic impression and design of the knives. The design of the handle of a knife is something that can attract you and influence your choice of purchasing a holy challah knife. Plenty of designed knives are available in the market. You can also consider online stores for purchasing holy challah knives.


Although the holy challah knives are designed to cut challah, you can also cut things with a hard upper surface with these knives. The saw-like structure of the blade helps to cut the challah very easily. Apart from purchasing for your home, you can also buy these knives in order to give friends and relatives as a gift.

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Online Purchase:

There are several reasons for preferring online purchases over going physically to the market. You will have numerous designed knives to choose from in online stores. If you go through the websites of online stores, you can see the customer ratings and compare the reputation of an online store with others. You will be able to compare the price of the knives from different online stores. It is easy to return the faulty product. Above all, you can purchase a knife of your preference byusing your smartphone, desktop, or laptop, instead of going to the market physically.

As a Jewish, you must have a holy challah knife at your home in order to celebrate the Shabbat and to bring good luck to your home. These knives are precious for their traditional value. The Modern Coffer of Information


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