Top Tourist Destinations in the South

by Albert

The South of the United States has so many great, gorgeous, and distinctive places to visit. The southern states make up a huge portion of the United States, thus if you plan on doing any substantial traveling in this country, you will almost certainly wind yourself in the South. Read below for a few top tourist destinations in the South. 


Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital, is situated on the Mississippi River. Visitors and tourists can also visit several huge and exquisite antebellum plantations, each of which holds a major piece of history. Travelers will also enjoy Baton Rouge’s great food, which ranges from Creole to conventional Southern and has been featured on a number of food shows and websites. New Orleans is a must-see for foodies who want to sample French Creole cuisine, visit quaint cafés, or simply bar hop. When the sun sets, head to Bourbon Street for a night of revelry.


Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll, is only one of the well-known musicians from Memphis, Tennessee. Visitors to Memphis would be remiss if they did not pay a visit to Graceland, the King’s personal residence. Visitors can see museum exhibitions including Presley’s renowned jumpsuits at Elvis Presley’s home, which is open to the public. 

It’s simple to find rentals in fantastic places for very low fees. The average monthly rent in Knoxville is $500 cheaper than the state’s average, making it one of Tennessee’s top three most affordable places to live in (Jackson and Chattanooga are also among these). Knoxville Real Estate prices are lower than in other regions, making it more affordable to live here. 


Louisville is a Kentucky city known for its racecourse, Churchill Downs, which hosts the world-famous Kentucky Derby each year. Around this time each spring, Louisville is bustling with visitors, many of whom are dressed in bright and flamboyant derby hats, as is customary during the races. Visitors should dine at The Brown Hotel, where cooks originated the sandwich in 1926, for a really authentic experience.

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Savannah, Georgia, epitomizes warm, gracious Southern hospitality. Savannah’s sidewalks and trails are shaded by big oak trees draped with Spanish moss, and it’s a location where passers-by always smile and welcome one another. If you enjoy architecture, the Victorian neighborhood, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and the Mercer Williams House are must-sees. You will have a terrific time in Savannah no matter what you do!

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