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Singapore is a country with many different and unique cultures. One of the most popular sports in Singapore is toto football betting, which originated from Japan. Toto or Totobet, as it’s also known, is a form of online gambling that has been popularized by Singaporean citizens who have taken advantage of its convenience and accessibility through their mobile devices. 

Toto football betting Singapore works just like any other type of bet on an event would work. You simply select which team you think will win the game or match based on some criteria such as past performance at home games, etc., then place your wager on either team to win – if they don’t win outright you’ll still get something out of the bet depending on how close you were to predicting the correct winner.

Toto football betting is very popular in Singapore due to its simplicity, convenience, and accessibility. There are many different types of online platforms that will allow you to place your wagers through your mobile device or computer. If this sounds like something that interests you then be sure to check out our top 3 Singaporean online toto football betting sites listed below.

These are the best of the most popular Singaporean sportsbooks that offer toto football betting as their primary service.

1) TotoLive  – This website offers a complete range of options available for sports fans who love nothing more than watching or placing their bets on live events, including live toto football betting for premier league games.

2) Sbobet  – This Singaporean bookmaker offers a comprehensive range of sporting events from around the world, from local favorites such as association football, rugby, and cricket to sports from more faraway cultures such as Formula One racing.

3) 10Bet    – As one of the best and most reliable bookmakers in the world 10Bet offers a range of betting options for different sports including both European and international association football.

These websites offer toto football betting as their primary service because they provide all the information and tools necessary for people to make educated wagers and bets. They also tend to have a much larger selection of betting options for customers to choose from compared to many other sportsbooks.

Toto Football Betting Singapore – Different Criteria for Placing Wagers

One of the most important things about toto football betting is the different factors you can use in placing your wager. There are three key criteria that you’ll come across which are; 1) Handicap odds, 2) Over / Under odds, and 3) Correct Score odds.

Handicap Odds  – This is when one of the teams playing in the match or game has a set advantage over the other due to past performance or home ground advantage. For example, Chelsea might be deemed better than Tottenham by the bookmakers so they will give Chelsea a handicap of -1.5 goals meaning that if Chelsea wins by 2 goals or more it will count as an official winning bet, while if they win by 1 goal it’ll be considered a draw and your wager returned to you in full.

Over / Under Odds    – These wagers work by placing a bet on whether or not the combined number of goals scored in the match will be over or under a specific number. For example, if you place an Over / Under bet at 3 goals before kick off then your winning bet would occur if both teams were to score 3 goals each or more during the course of the match.

Correct Score Odds    – This is when your bet requires you to correctly predict what the final score of a game will be in order to win your wager. If you find this type of wager difficult or confusing then ask yourself what each team has to do in order to achieve that final score and make note of it.

Toto football betting is not difficult if you take the time to understand how each type of bet works and the criteria that need to be met in order for you to win your wager. Once you have a clear understanding on what you need to do then ask yourself which team has the best chance of achieving this, place your wagers, and sit back to enjoy the game!

We hope you have found this information useful and that it has helped you to gain a better understanding of how toto football betting works. If you liked our article then be sure to share it with your friends and family.

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