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Tudor Rubber Strap Buying Guide

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Did you know that a brand new and stylish Tudor rubber strap can transform the look of your watch? You need not buy the most expensive watch on the market. Instead, you can enhance the look of your watch by purchasing a few straps. The best part is that you can swap the straps between different watches to enjoy endless combinations. Considering the various quick-release options at your disposal, you may not require tools for changing straps.

When purchasing a watch, there are several factors to consider, such as practicality, style and the cost, and so on. The same factors apply when it comes to purchasing rubber straps. Your choice of rubber straps can make a break or make your watch. As a result, this guide provides tips for buying a watch strap. Keep reading;

Popular Watch Straps Worth Buying 

Regardless of the style of your watch, you’ll find straps to pair with your watch. Below we’ve discussed the four most common straps and types of watches to pair with.

Metal Watch Straps

These are also referred to as link straps or bracelets. These straps come in various materials, but titanium and stainless steel are the most prominent.  Metal watch straps are versatile, smart, and hardwearing. They are compatible with office wear and underwater adventure. Besides, you can have these kinds of straps during your night out with friends. Actually, metal straps pair perfectly with almost everything, including sporty style watches and vintage style timepieces.

Metal Watch Straps Cost 

Although the price of metal watch stripes is slightly higher, it’s worth buying these straps. In fact, some metal bracelet-style straps cost three and, at times, four figures. But there are other qualities and more affordable options. Metal watch straps are worth buying because they are durable, available in different styles, and waterproof. 

Leather watch straps 

Leather watch straps add style to your watch and can be paired with a variety of watches. Based on how it’s created, leather is available in different colors, including black, brown, and more.  Besides, leather derived from various sources brings about varying effects. For instance, calf leather tends to be soft, smooth, and soft, while crocodile or ostrich leather has more texture. 

 If you are looking for something more stylish, the ‘no-frills’ leather strap is the best. However, if you want something different, you can go for leather straps with different design characteristics.  Some prominent leather straps features include contrasting stitching, padding, racing style as well as quick-release feature. 

Although leather straps are an excellent choice, note that they need a lot of care to keep them in their best condition. A light oiling after every few months isn’t enough. It would be best if you did more than that.

Leather watch strap cost depends on various factors, such as the type of leather and the procedure used to make the leather. Leather watch straps are popular because they are available in different styles, colors and can enhance the look of your watch. Watch straps from rarer watch materials can be slightly expensive, but you’ll find excellent leather straps at friendly prices.

NATO watch straps 

The NATO watch strap has its roots from the British Army. These straps were invented during the 70s to meet the need for hardwearing, affordable, and reliable design. 

Mostly, these straps are made using nylon materials, but other materials, including canvas or cotton, are also used. NATO straps are unique because they are mainly made of a single piece of material. As a result, it’s easy to change them since the strap is strung via the spring bars. Furthermore, considering how it’s made and its unique features, it cannot fall off your wrist if the on-spring bar gets loose/breaks. The strap will remain intact on your wrist. 

NATO watch straps are excellent in that they are less expensive and are washable. Furthermore, they are available in various patterns and colors. They are also secure and can easily be adjusted.

Rubber Watch straps 

This is among the most popular options since it’s cost-effective and has several benefits. Your Rubber straps will complement your casual outfits since it’s naturally impermeable. This is because it cannot absorb sweat, making it a great option for sports players as well. Also, if you are a diver, you can’t go to the depths of the water without caring about destroying your wrap. 

In short, rubber straps are waterproof and are available in different styles and patterns. So, you can rest assured that you’ll find a pattern that matches your interest. These straps are used along high-end watches, and so you can go for them if you want to mix class with simplicity.

Rubber watch straps are affordable, with most of them being sold at $50. They are of high quality. Some of their qualities that you cannot afford to ignore are waterproof, long-lasting, a wide variety of textures, and do not absorb sweat. 

Questions You Should Ask When Purchasing a Watch Strap

Despite having a single watch, you can make it look like a thousand sets of watches by purchasing diverse watch strap options. Since several watch strap styles are made of different materials, there are essential questions you need to ask to buy the right watch strap. These questions include;

What activities do you purpose to engage in with the watch?

While shopping for watch straps, ask yourself which activities you wish to engage in while wearing the watch. For example, if you intend to wear the watch while in the water, select either rubber, nylon, or metal watch straps. 

Consider your outfit 

Do you intend to wear the watch with a casual or formal outfit? Some straps would complement your cash wear, while others are great for a formal outfit.

Your type of watch 

 Also, don’t forget to consider your type of watch. You should select a strap that best suits your watch. Some factors such as color, design, and style are worth paying attention to. 

Finally, once you’ve decided on the right strap material, the size, price, and color should also influence your decision. Keep in mind that buying straps should be fun and effortless, especially if you take advantage of the tips provided above. 

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