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Types of Mattresses and Their Materials!

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Buying a new mattress is exciting, especially if it has been a while since you last shopped for one. Technology has come a long way in just the past few decades, and new technologies and innovations can allow you to find the right product that will work best for your comfort and specific sleep needs.

Traditional models

The “traditional” mattress is designed with steel coils. In the past, these coils were all interconnected in one long continuous coil. Most of the models built today use individually wrapped coils to reduce noise and motion transfer and strengthen the overall system.

Coils are made from strong yet thin metals that are tough and long-lasting. One of the main things that should be considered in coil models or innerspring mattresses is the construction method of the coils. There are four primary types you are likely to face as you shop.

Single mattress models are getting popular these days. The simple and space-saving benefits are driving the attention of many customers. You can also get models such as king beds, queen-sized models if you are a couple. Many stores offer twin mattress sale events, where you can purchase spacious models at affordable rates.

Innerspring models

When you think of innerspring mattresses, you might think of yourself or any little kid jumping on a squeaky bed. Well, it is somewhat true! These bedding obviously had some type of spring actions and metal products inside. This would be the standard innerspring mattress, and it is made using a perfect coil support system.

While many people may remember sleeping on this type of mattress, you might not have seen what all products are used on the inside. These products use springs that are connected into a single unit, and as the number of coils increases, the higher the quality of sleep.

Natural fibre materials

If you have already spent considerable time reviewing the types of mattresses on market, you may have come across natural fibre options. You can use a mattress with natural fibres rather than the artificially manufactured products on the market, such as memory foam. These materials come in a variety of combinations, and you can expect to pay a higher price since these products require more finishing and detailing in the manufacturing process.

Natural latex models are made from natural rubber materials. Synthetic or blended latex models are made from a blend of natural rubber mixed with butadiene or styrene, byproducts of petroleum refining.

Natural materials and their benefits

While most of us are aware of the ways in which we are harming our environment, fewer of us are taking practical measures to reduce them. However, making investments in natural fibre beddings can help you do that.

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Since most of these mattresses are created without the use of chemicals, you can assure that you will be reducing your carbon footprint with this smart choice. You can purchase products that come with an official eco-friendly certification mark. This indicates the material has been carefully considered when it comes to impact on the environment and health.

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Memory foam

Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam. It is a material first manufactured in the fifties by mixing water with halocarbons or hydrocarbons. This mixture could be processed into everything from car parts to spray liner to sleep surfaces, depending on the chemicals added. These days, memory foam models are usually made from polyol mixed with water and a chemical compound called diisocyanate.

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