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What You Need To Know About Golden Pearls

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Golden Pearls also known as Gold Pearls and gold South Sea pearls are refined in the Pinctada Maxima oyster mainly in The Philippines, Indonesia and in softer more bubbly qualities in Myanmar (Burma ).

Golden and Cream pearl jewellery is magnificent! The Golden South Sea pearl is the national gem of The Philippines labelled The Queen of Gems. The Philippine gold pearl farms are situated in the southern parts of the archipelago that make up the Philippines, in Busuangua, Palawan, Cebu, Mindanao, and Panay.

The colour varieties of Golden South Sea Pearls are a ironic dim golden finished to brighter medium gold over and done with to a lemon, bubbly, cream and snowy. Many of the pearls container then have implications of rose and bronze to stretch them a practically metal superficial.

The earlier to the equator single voyages the additional gold lipped the South Sea Treasure oyster called Pinctada Greatest develops and it is the inner colour of the oyster and its topographical position that regulates the colour of the pearl. As soon as the round shell bead inserted by the pearl specialist this is a substance to inaugurate the culturing procedure, and the oyster conceals nacre everywhere the bead.

Golden Pearls characteristically regular 11 to 12 millimetres in width and originate in a diversity of figures;
rotund, droplet, key, semi- baroque, circle-drop and circle-button and ornate.

Golden or gold pearls have grown immensely in popularity over the last twenty five years and their appeal and charm has been recognised outside the traditional Asian markets and are now highly prized and valued in Europe, The Americas and  Australasia as well.

When golden pearls are being cultivated, the golden lipped oysters characteristically suspend in hampers or boards of six to twelve postponed off a extended rope streak for a cycle of two years. They are brought to the superficial frequently for housework so they can exposed and provender on the many nutrients in the exposed sea water. Oysters are twisted over in their net board homes to maximise the opportunity of unwavering nacre development.

Unindustrialized and humanizing these magnificent gold pearls while functioning in agreement with Mother Countryside is very labour focused and involves numerous gold pearl  farm  workforces to maintenance for the gold lipped oysters during the course of the culturing procedure. Once gathered the gold pearl gather is organized by magnitude, figure, colour, and lustre and equipped for the shop.

These golden and cream treasures frequently have an amazing iridescence, the multicolour play of colours and lustre noticeable on the external superficial of the pearl, by means of it is in a refined Mother of Treasure explosive. Although we designate their colour as gold or ointment they also frequently consume accompanying colours such as ornament and flushed and occasionally green addition superfluous measurement and colour and lustre.

Pearl agriculturalists in the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma) typically wholesale their pearls to traders in public sale in Hong Kong apprehended at the similar period as the four yearly jewellery carnivals. Hong Kong is the quietest residence to do the commercial up while waiting for 2020 that is, for the reason that of its position and responsibility free position. Suppliers, Necklace makers, Industrialized jewellers and shops purchase the golden and ointment pearls for groundwork for the marketplace where eventually they will be misshapen into conventional golden pearl necklaces, pearl jewelries, pearl pendants, garnishes and gold pearl rings.

All the famed jewellery houses of the world including Tiffany, Mikimoto, Paspaley, and Cartier and Chow Tai Fook  sell collections of golden pearl jewellery and the gold pearl has become as well know world wide as traditional white pearls and Tahitian black pearls.

Aquarian Pearls range of gold pearl jewellery always uses beautifully smooth clean lustrous golden pearls. Set predominantly in white or yellow gold, our range of rings is as high a quality as anyone would see in the worlds best jewellers. Occasionally measuring up to 18 millimetres but more usually between 10 and 13 millimetres, we use mostly round and button shaped golden pearls in our range of rings, sometimes enhanced with diamonds, sometimes simply set in gold, occasionally also set in silver.

Our gold pearl earrings are equally magnificent and we have a variety of settings. We set our golden pearls as studs as clip-ons, fixed hooks, huggies, shepherd hooks and set in in gemstone clusters, dangles and  lever backs.

We use a variety of shapes in our gold pearl earrings; rounds, drops, ovals, Buttons, circle drops and baroques, semi baroques and golden Keshi too, the naturally occurring free form biproduct of the culturing process.

A golden pearl necklace is a beautiful item and one of the best selling items in our television business on The Gem Shopping Network in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and within Australasia on the only home shopping network TVSN channel. A golden pearl necklace is also a staple of our wholesale to retail and web business here at Aquarian Pearls.

When constructing and making up a gold pearl necklace we usually select the centre pearl first having determined the shape and the size of the golden pearls we will use in the necklace’s creation.

If uniform in size we select gold pearls all of one size with up to one millimetres graduation and if creating a graduated necklace we usually allow a three millimetre grading difference in sizes from the smallest to the largest sized gold pearls though this is not a hard set rule and we have to be flexible.

In creating the gold pearl necklace we choose and select pearls of the same colour gold which can be more champagne through to cream colour through to light gold through to rich dark gold . We use pearls of the same grade of lustre and shape and cleanliness of skin.

Occasionally and very rare indeed, we occasionally create an ombre or fade necklace, fading the colours from white through cream through light gold to darker gold pearls and this shows the magnificent contrast we can see in pearls.

We also have a wide range of gold pearl pendants and golden pearl enhancers. These pendants and enhancers are predominantly made with drop and oval gold pearls and also round shaped golden pearls and also with circle drop pearls and occasionally with Baroque golden pearls as well.  We use golden pearls sized anywhere from 9 to 18 millimetres in our golden pearl enhancers and gold pearl pendants . They are set in yellow gold and white gold , silver and occasionally platinum, some with diamonds and some with precious stones but always the main  feature is the golden pearl itself. We choose golden pearls with clean skins and high lustre and beautiful golden colour.

Golden pearls are such a beautiful gift of Mother Nature. Beautifully naturally coloured gold and with beautiful lustre and colourful rainbow overtones. We love creating gold pearl jewellery to bring to the market and we sincerely hope that our range of gold pearl rings, gold pearl necklaces, gold pearl earrings, gold pearl pendants, and gold pearl enhancers will meet your approval and enthusiasm for golden pearls.

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