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This might have been a question you’ve pondered. After seeing the awesome setups of your favorite streaming star.

The main reason they have a lighting setup is to enhance the quality of their content – whether that is for streams or similar content. Having a selfie ring light adds that professionalism and quality.

While it may appear like Twitch.tv broadcasting is all about the games, people come to see the people behind the games. Take the time to practice your small talk, jokes, or tips for the audience while you play and you may find that you are a more successful streamer.

Here are some helpful hints to help you become an even better game broadcaster, and if you keep improving upon your content quality, you may become the next famous gaming star.

Talk to Your Audience

Streamers frequently err by failing to involve their viewers in the presentation. Take a moment to imagine you’re in front of a live audience, making a presentation. Including a webcam in your stream is critical. For audience interaction, nothing is more powerful than allowing those who are watching your gameplay to see your reactions to it.

Answer questions from users.

If a question or statement captures your attention or is well-liked by the audience, take a moment to address it. A further conversation will be sparked as a result, and they’ll see that you’re paying attention and not just thinking about the game.


When you stream, you’re a one-person show in the public eye. While it’s nearly difficult to keep everyone in your audience pleased and entertained because everyone has different tastes, there are a few standard routes or personalities you may take that most people love.

The professor. Share your gaming expertise with the world. The best in your game or even your favorite champion, race, or player should always be your goal. Once the word gets out about your skills, people will flock to you in droves to take advantage of what you have to teach them. You’ll have enough to speak about if you keep up with the latest fixes and updates.

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The joker/entertainer. Off-screen, you’re the life of the party, so why not use your charm on the computer? Everything from pop culture to current events can be used as fodder for a riff. It helps to be prepared and do research if you don’t have a quick wit. Make a list of topics you could bring up if there is a lull in the conversation. It’s also possible to be the guy who cracks horrible jokes all the time and sticks to that as a career. Having a second act completes your game experience and adds something new and interesting to it.

The competitor. This personality thrives off winning and doesn’t particularly stream to show people how to play. These are great personalities to follow for improving your gaming skillset but when it comes to creating engaging content with their followers they are unlikely to share their wisdom. The reason these people always have lots of followers is that they are the best and it’s always inspiring to see the best at work.

Whether you fit into these three personalities or not it doesn’t matter – you can add a little slice of each to your personality to make your channel unique. As the cliché says be yourself. Below are a few tips to increase your following on a technical basis.

Stream Frequently and Regularly

To pique people’s attention, broadcast frequently, at least several times per week.

The more people see your face, the more likely it is that they will identify and remember you, which will lead to more return visitors. To get more visibility, let folks know when you’ll be available online. While Twitter and Facebook can help spread the news in the short run, a long-term strategy will allow viewers to make plans well in advance to catch their favorite streamer when it happens.

You can conceive of your streaming schedule as a TV show, which will help you stay organized. Identify your preferred running days and times each week and commit to them. Also, attempt to maintain a consistent length. When you leave, people should want you to keep streaming to them rather than progressively drop off. They’ll tune in again if you leave them wanting more at the end of each session.


To succeed on Twitch it takes a bit of investment with gear such as the original console or PC alongside personal lighting set up and microphone. Once you have the gear it is time to develop your online personality. As with anything it takes time to build something that works, so keep trying and improving all the while having fun in the process.

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