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Why Hair Replacement Systems Are Way Better Than Hair Transplants

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Male Pattern Baldness affects over 50% of men, most often occurring in middle-aged or old men, but may also show up in men who are in their twenties and thirties. It manifests as a receding hairline, thinning hair, shedding around the crown, or patches of hair loss. This generates low self-esteem, embarrassment, anxiety, and shame.

This phenomenon has several causes associated with it. These include genetics, aging, medication, hormonal imbalances, and medical issues. Therefore, it is advised that you see a healthcare provider as soon as you notice any signs related to hair loss. The sooner you go get examined, the lesser the damage will be.

You might panic on seeing signs of a threat to your hair, but, fortunately, there is more than one option for treatment, including adjusting your hairstyle, medications to block or control hormonal imbalances responsible for this issue, the use of accessories, wigs, or hair transplants. However, there is no denying that some of the treatment options are preferable over others due to the advantages of one and the disadvantages of the other, such as when given a choice between hair transplant or hair replacement surgery.

The Issue with Hair Transplant

Male pattern baldness hair transplant is essentially the procedure of taking hair from one region of the head and replacing the areas where hair loss is observed. Hair transplantation is most often considered when all other options don’t work out. However, there are several disadvantages associated with the method of hair transplant:


The trouble with hair transplantation is that it is a fairly costly affair. If your male pattern baldness has accelerated to a significant amount of loss, then it will be even costlier since the price usually depends on the number of grafts that the doctors will need to make as well as what method they might have to use. Additionally, other factors include that determine the cost are repair surgery, how much hair loss has occurred, the features and availability of donor’s hair, and other factors that are on an individual-to-individual basis.


The male pattern baldness hair transplant surgery involves. If the packing is too dense, it can leave scars and result in damage to the scalp. Due to this injury, the grafting might not last, which ends up being a wastage of time and money in the end.


If there is too much hair loss to patch up with a hair transplant, then it might require more than a single session, which can take up a lot of time and cost even more money.

Unnatural Appearance

If something goes wrong, it is highly likely that the hair transplant might end up looking too unrealistic, patchy or like it’s visible that a hair transplant has been made, such as if the surgeon does not perform the procedure correctly, having wrong angles and directions, or ends up overharvesting. This can look unattractive.

Not Recommended For Those with Health Issues

Before undergoing this male pattern baldness hair transplant, it is vital that you receive a health check-up to ensure you don’t have any underlying health issues or that your pre-existing medical problems will not make this surgery suitable for you, such as those with adverse asthma and hypertension.

May Not Be Possible

If the hair loss is too extensive, wherein you don’t have enough hair on the donor regions of the head for it to be grafted, then it is not possible to choose this procedure.

Why You Should Go For Hair Replacement Systems Instead

Hair replacement systems, such as toupees and wigs, are headpieces that are used to cover up any bald spots or thinning hair, and it is an excellent treatment option. Here are some reasons why:


Toupees and wigs are non-surgical, which, by default, makes them a safer option over hair transplant surgery. There will be no scarring, injury, or damage to worry about since the only thing you need to do is stick it on. Additionally, there are no side effects or complications that will come along with any medications following the surgery. It is not painful, nor will you need to undergo any time to recover.


Your hair replacement system can be tailored according to your needs and desires in terms of hair color, texture, thickness, density, and material. You can style your wig or toupee according to the look you’re going for.

Simple to Use

It is not too time-consuming or difficult to wear a toupee or wig. All you need to do is adjust your headpiece, apply an adhesive and place it on your scalp.

Can Be Reversed

If you ever decide that you no longer want to wear these headpieces, you can simply take them off. However, it will be far more complicated after having surgery if it turns out you are not satisfied with the results you’ve received.

Easy to Afford

Compared to the surgical procedure of hair transplant, a hair replacement system is cheaper and likely to last longer if the headpiece is maintained and well-taken care of.

Instant Results

Wigs and toupees give you quick results as the hair is ready-made, unlike in hair transplant, which requires that you wait for your hair to grow. This can take about six months or longer.


Regardless of the extent of the progression of your condition, anyone can have the chance to enjoy a head full of hair again with replacement systems.

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