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3 Popular Reasons Why Silicone Rings Are the Perfect Choice for Your Active Lifestyle!

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Maybe you have heard about rings made of silicone. Perhaps you have seen other people wearing them as an alternative to wedding bands. Perhaps you have been considering making the switch from traditional bands to trendy bands yourself.

If you discover that you are caught in a revolving door of weighing cons and pros surrounding such rings, here are three signs that you are prepared to buy online silicone rings.

Wear silicone rings if you have a labor-intensive job

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Do you have a highly physically demanding job requiring that you work with your hands daily? If the answer is yes, a metal wedding band may be dangerous if it gets snagged or caught on a piece of machinery or object on the job.

From construction workers and chefs to first-aid responders and military personnel, a silicone ring is a safer alternative than a traditional metal ring since it’s non-conductive, heat resistant, and is made to break away while placed under high stress.

You have an active lifestyle

If you are always on the run with an active lifestyle, whether you enjoy doing outdoor activities or playing sports, a silicone ring is your best bet. Those athletic rings provide the breathability and flexibility needed, and are comfortable, no matter how much you are sweating and moving. And, not to mention, they are easy to maintain!

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Wear silicone rings if you are a medical professional

The majority of quality silicone rings are designed of 100% medical-grade silicone that provides reliable durability even while exposed to harsh conditions and chemicals, which makes them the perfect ring option for any medical professional who wears gloves while on duty, like nurses, lab workers, and surgeons.

Did you enjoy those three popular reasons why silicone rings are the perfect choice for your active lifestyle? Well, we’ve got one more for you:

You do not wear the rings you have

No longer wear the rings you have? This may happen for various reasons. Perhaps they now are the incorrect size for you and have become too tight or, more than likely, your lifestyle or job is not friendly to metal rings.

Or perhaps your hands swell because of weather or health conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, or other medical problems causing traditional rings to be uncomfortable.

One other common culprit? Perhaps the wedding band you selected years ago just is no longer your style.

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If you discover that you aren’t wearing a traditional ring, or you constantly must take it off, it is time to switch over to silicone. They’re the ideal combination of traditional and trendy.

But wait! Wanna know one more benefit? Did you know that as many as 20% of the population have some type of sensitivity or allergy to the metal alloys in traditional rings? Plus, it does not need to turn your finger green to be a poor fit for your one-of-a-kind biochemistry either. If a ring produces dry, calloused skin, it is an indication of a bad reaction to the metal. If that sounds like you, it is time to switch over to silicone, as it is 100% hypoallergenic.

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