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Best Rainbow Riches Slots in 2021 

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Back in the late 1800s, when the now-famous Californian entrepreneur and engineer Charles D. Fey created the iconic Liberty Bell machine, we are pretty sure that nobody would have expected how incredibly popular these free to play slot games would become just over a century later. It’s hard to properly acknowledge how successful the online slot world is, for example, until you hear statistics such as the fact that over 30% of all global gambling revenue now comes from slot gamblers. 

That’s pretty crazy, right? And whilst we have the several modern online slot developers to thank for this, it is also important not to forget about the older slot machine providers in the 20th century like Barcrest. Their ludicrously popular Rainbow Riches slot games first appeared several decades ago, and they remain adored around the world today. Keep reading for some of the best Rainbow Riches slots in 2021. 

About Barcrest: The makers of the Rainbow Riches slot series 

Before we get into the best Rainbow Riches slots in 2021 let’s just take a bit of a look at Barcrest, the developer responsible for these scintillating slot games. Barcrest was founded all the way back in 1968, designing and also manufacturing a range of mechanical slot machines for the casino, pubs and bars in the 20th century. 

Barcrest quickly became a leading force in the industry over the next few decades, gradually expanding into digital games, first with video slots, and then with online slot games. Whilst Barcrest are well known for other games, it is the Rainbow Riches series that really elevated them to the position they enjoy today. 

The history of the Rainbow Riches slots series 

It’s funny really, the Rainbow Riches slots series is such a legendary franchise that it seems as though it has been around forever, however the truth is that the first Rainbow Riches game only came out in the early 2000s. At first it was a physical slot machine, which definitely helped its early popularity as gamblers could find it in casinos, as well as their local pub too. 

Rainbow Riches very quickly made the jump online, and by the late 2000s it was one of the most played online slot titles in the world. Rainbow Riches is also significant because it almost singlehandedly popularised the amazing “luck of the Irish” slot theme that we see very commonly today. 

The best Rainbow Riches slots in 2021 

By now there are so many different Rainbow Riches slot games around, which is testimony to Barcrest’s determination to keep their flagship series going. Take a look at the best Rainbow Riches slots to play in 2021: 

  •         Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix: Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix takes all of the best bonus rounds from previous games, and combines them all into one! It’s pretty amazing, and if you pick the right bonus round combination at the start you could be in for a 99% RTP rating.
  •         Rainbow Riches Megaways: It was only a matter of time until the Rainbow Riches series got the Megaways treatment!

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