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Deep-Cleansing Routine: Masks and Scrubs

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To schedule a facial, you need to call the spa; you need to wait a few days until they see you, depending on how busy the particular establishment is; and then you waste an hour, possibly two, to get a really good facial rub, a facial steam bath, a massage, and a clay-based mask. They may also pluck your eyebrows and apply a light makeup, possibly at additional cost.

And they will always, always try to sell you their products and feel insulted when you pass on their offerings. It’s not that I am against spa facials. I enjoy all those lunchtime peels and minifacials. I love the way my face looks after manual extractions, especially when they are done by a merciless aesthetician. They really know how to get to the root of that annoying blackhead! Imagine if you could get a facial every week, without waiting, commuting, and the steep price? Sounds good, right?

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Achieving spa results at home is quite possible, and there are a few benefits, too —no waiting time and almost no money spent. Granted, there is some elbow grease involved, but this is easily offset by the fact that you are using completely natural products with zero preservatives, zero dyes, and only natural fragrances. Regular exfoliation is your first step toward sparkling skin.

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Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs should become an important part of your facial care routine. Many gentle scrubs can be used as a second-step cleanser in a double-cleansing routine. If your skin behaves, you don’t need to use the scrub every day, unless you really want to. There are two types of exfoliating products available today: abrasive and nonabrasive.

Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids exfoliate by dissolving the very top layer of dead skin cells with glycolic acid from sugarcane, lactic acid from sour milk, tartaric acid from grapes, malic acid from apples, and pyruvic acid from citrus fruits. Malic and tartaric acids are more commonly used in exfoliating body products, as they are more potent.

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Final Destination:

Abrasive exfoliating products remove dead skin cells by physical friction, using synthetic or natural particles, such as jojoba beads, crushed fruit kernel, seeds, salt, or sugar. Nonabrasive exfoliating products use alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells.

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Many exfoliating products combine both principles, offering a double action against dead skin cells, but such products can be irritating if you have fair, delicate, or easily irritated skin balloon bouquets.

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