Reserved flowers, branches and leaves

Preserved dried flowers are another branch. Fresh flowers or branches are treated with glycerin at their peak, allowing them to retain their natural shape and color. This process is suitable for all fresh flowers, but is widely used for roses. Eucalyptus branches are also often preserved. Eucalyptus is ideally suited for making dried flower wreaths. As a base or in the main role, as you see in the picture.

Tips for keeping your dried flowers beautiful for a long time

Not in direct sunlight

Dried flowers like shade and stay beautiful indoors the longest. Keep them out of direct sunlight, which can cause the colors to fade and the flowers to become brittle.

Keep away from humid areas

Do not store dried flowers in rooms with high humidity. This can cause them to become limp and brown. So a bunch in the bathroom is not a good idea.

Be a little more careful, because dried flowers are delicate

Dried flowers can fall out, but even this doesn’t happen very quickly. Still, they are just a bit more fragile than regular flowers. So grab them by the stem and try not to bump into them too much.

Do not water!

Very important: do not water them. They are not ‘dried’ flowers for nothing and they like to stay dry. This makes them virtually maintenance-free, easy right?

How to make your own dried flowers?

You can make your own dried flowers fairly easily. All it takes is a good dose of patience. Hang a bunch of flowers or grass upside down in a dark and well-ventilated room. Hard or firm flowers and crops are best for drying.

You can make your own traditional dried flowers by hanging bunches of flowers or grasses upside down in a dark, preferably well-ventilated place. Some types of flowers are better suited for this than others.

How do you care for a dried flower bouquet?

Yes, you have your coveted bunch of dried flowers at home. But how do you make sure it stays beautiful?

No water

Perhaps the most important point: don’t water them. Unlike regular flowers, dried flowers do not improve.

Out of the sunlight

Dried flowers thrive best in the shade. Sunlight can cause discoloration and for the dried flowers bouquet to start falling out sooner. If you like to have flowers that need to be in direct sunlight or don’t have any shade? Order roses is the best solution for flowers which receive a lot of sunlight.

In a dry room

Dried flowers don’t like moisture. So a bunch of dried flowers in the bathroom is not a good idea.

Handle with care

Dry flowers are more fragile than regular flowers. When you want to arrange a bouquet, work from the stems. If you grab dried flowers at the top, you have a good chance that the dried flower will break off. Trust me: been there, done that.

Longevity of dried flowers

Do dried flowers have an unlimited lifespan? Unfortunately no. Even when you take good care of dried flowers, sooner or later they are lost. Leaves fall out, the color turns browner or the stems weaken. With proper care, dried flowers will last between two and four years. After this, they really do need replacing.

Sometimes it is said that dried flowers last six months to a year. This shorter lifespan has mainly to do with maintenance. Such as a humid environment or a poor location.

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