Attitude Behavior aims to make you feel like your best self while looking like your best self too. By curating a striking collection of exotic dancewear, we hope to inspire and instill confidence in all women, especially you dancers.

Here at Attitude Behavior, we pride ourselves on both the premium quality of our exotic dancewear as well as the unique and striking designs. We also take pride in the fact that all our collection has been created while considering the dancer’s comfort just as much as the actual look of a piece. This means our stripper outfits are both extremely durable and breathable as well as being super sexy. So, dance until your heart’s content!

No matter what outfit you have in mind, Attitude Behaviors has exotic pieces for everyone, and they are sure to leave you turning more than a few heads. We firmly believe that a woman is working her best when she’s feeling her best. This has never been truer than for strippers!

Our extensive collection, ranging from rompers and two pieces to thong sets and heels, means you can shop for all your staples in just one place. All made at superior quality and offered at a competitive price range, Attitude Behaviors pieces are a wardrobe must-have for every dancer. We have a large variety of designs available so, no matter what your personalized style is, there’s bound to be something you love. Whether you’re after a sultry leather classic or looking for something a bit brighter, daring and fun – we’ve got it! As well as our sexy and unique outfits, we also have two signature uniforms perfect for any bottle girl, no matter what club you might work in. Sleek and black but with a daring edge, these uniforms are bound to rake in the tips.

Attitude Behaviors collection also features some unique pieces inspired by some of your favorite designers such as GUCCI and GIVENCHY. We also have a carefully curated accessory station including masks, pasties and more so there’s everything you might need to finish off an outfit. As for shoes, we offer an extensive collection of designs that all feature our signature 7-inch heel height to elongate your legs. Designed with plush inserts, these shoes are perfect for dancing as they value comfort as much as looks. Also available in thigh, knee and ankle cuts, there are enough colors and designs to last you a lifetime.

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Whatever outfit you opt for, we guarantee that once you put it on, you’re going to be transformed into a sexier, bolder, and more confident woman.

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