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How Living Near The Sea Can Be Great For Your Mental And Physical Health

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How often do you find yourself sitting, dreaming about living the life of Riley on a tropical beach in some far away land? I’d wager that it happens quite a lot. And you wouldn’t be alone either. Many people share the very same fantasy and there’s a good reason for it: because living by the sea is incredible for your mental and physical health. We humans crave to be in nature – particularly when we are otherwise living in uninspiring cities with very little in the way of greenery. 

In this article, we’re going to highlight how living near the sea can be great for your mental and physical health, and why it’s something that you should seriously consider. 

  • The salty sea air helps you to sleep better 

Have you ever found yourself on holiday, taking a quick snooze before going out in the evening? There’s a good reason for that and it is because being near the ocean promotes feelings of blissful relaxation. Yes, it doesn’t hurt that you are on holiday and have no other responsibilities besides looking after yourself, however, the fresh sea breeze works wonders. 

Imagine that feeling every single day… 

  • A walk along the beach can help to relax and de-stress 

Whether you prefer a morning stroll along the beach in the sun, or you would prefer to watch the sunset as you track your way through the golden sand, one thing is for certain: you’ll feel at ease in doing so. 

When you live an active life in a city with very few areas to escape, it can make you feel tense and thus find it harder to switch off. When you’re by the sea however, with all of that open space, there’s plenty of opportunity to disconnect. 

  • You are far more likely to exercise every day 

Again, living in an uninspiring city with few options in the way of exercise besides going to a sweaty gym and having to wait to use a machine can feel underwhelming. So much so that many people often neglect their daily exercise because of it. 

However, when living near the sea, you have so much more opportunity to exercise, and you’ll feel far more compelled to do it! 

Whether it’s a jog along the beach, a morning swim, or any of the water sports that take your fancy, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

Just make sure you protect your skin from the sun when you’re out all day in it!

  • Water has a psychologically restorative effect 

While living in nature and being surrounded by green certainly has its benefits, it has been proven that living by the sea is actually more therapeutic. It’s the sense of openness and having room to breathe that fills our hearts with calm. 

  • Increased creativity 

Sitting on the beach and staring out to sea allows your mind to wander. If you are feeling creatively stifled and need some room to think, a change of scenery and moving to an ocean city might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Check out The Cloud Pratumnak in Pattaya for some inspiration. 


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