Supplements are incredibly popular right now. These small capsules are packed with nutrients that promote gut health, reduce urinary tract infections, and solve a variety of other problems. In recent years, terms like “microbiome” and “beneficial bacteria” have been all over health magazines and within discussions about women’s health.

But how can you choose the right ones for your body? How do you know the difference between a placebo gummy and something that can really help you? Follow this guide to learn what your body needs.

Listen to what your body is telling you.

Your body communicates with you throughout the day. It tells you when you are hungry and when you need to rest. However, there are other signs that your body needs help that you could be ignoring. For example, frequent diarrhea could be a warning sign of a bigger issue. It’s one of the main warnings provided by your gastrointestinal tract. Urinary tract infections are also signs that something is wrong with your vaginal health.

Pay close attention to what your body is telling you. This can help you choose supplements that regulate your body which will make you feel healthy and strong.

Carefully research any products you choose.

There are dozens of companies that claim to have the best products that can cure almost any ailment. From yeast infections to gluten allergies, all you need is the right capsule. The reality is that many health brands rely on the placebo effect. You think you feel good because you want the probiotic supplements to work.

Take time to research the available brands to learn about the ingredients, testing processes, and certifications. For example, if you are looking for probiotics for women, avoid any dramatic claims that a certain probiotic strain can immediately improve your overall health. Instead, read about any clinical trials the supplement provider ran and how they were received by other medical professionals in the field.

Look for good bacteria in the foods you eat.

In some cases, you might not need to invest in expensive supplements to solve your problems. Many common foods contain probiotics and work to regulate your digestion and other bodily systems. For example, fans of kimchi and sauerkraut can improve your digestive health, along with kombucha. These probiotic foods regulate your body naturally and play an important role in your digestive systems.

Test out different foods to see how your body responds to them. Adding a food source like yogurt to your breakfast could help you digest while also providing other health benefits to your mind and body.

Consult with a medical professional.

The internet is an incredibly powerful place to learn new information. However, there are also plenty of articles that make false or misleading claims. After a few articles, you might decide to take up a gluten-free diet even if your body has no problem with it.

If you are concerned that you aren’t getting enough good bacteria or that you need to boost your immune health, talk to a doctor first. They can look ask questions about your digestive health and take blood tests to make sure you are okay. If there is anything that concerns them, they will create a plan of action to keep you healthy.

Speaking with a doctor before taking any new supplements is particularly important if you have an existing medical condition.

In recent years, the supplement market has turned its focus on good bacteria and vaginal health. However, you might not need wellness products if your immune function is already high. If you are concerned about inflammation or vaginal flora, talk to your doctor. They might recommend a dietary change or a probiotic blend.

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