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The new exclusive luxury italian leather handmade handbags

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When we talk about handbags we are referring to a type of small walking bag, where you can insert items such as keys, wallets, small umbrellas, smartphones, handkerchiefs and makeup accessories. bundlenews

The handbags are a middle ground between the large shopper bags to allow you to insert mammoth products of various kinds, and the clutches, small bags flaunted for beauty, where it is often possible to hardly insert the smartphone or the keys.

Women are real fans of bags and in particular of exclusive handmade handbags, which have come back into fashion in recent years.

The handmade is a real philosophy of life, which sees women as sensitive protagonists and spokespersons for issues such as sustainable development, respect for the environment and animals.

The handmade products bring to light the ancient art of craftsmanship and are the result of unique and unrepeatable artistic creations. Fashion artisans use sustainable materials and produce customized bags, which correspond to the tastes and needs of women who want to show them off.

The italian leather purses from Italy

Italy has a century-old sartorial culture and the handmade bags of our country have always been known to everyone. Fashion addicts know how much a bag made by hand in Italy is worth and for this reason, every year, they can’t wait to show off one created by the great local brands. He are the best luxury bag brands sensitive to the use of leather.

One of the cities that reigns supreme in terms of bags and craftsmanship is certainly Florence, which maintains its leadership of the brands handmade bags Leather.

The most popular models are certainly the TL bag, a handbag available in various colors such as cognac and made of ostrich-print leather, the Olimpia, a small size in champagne color, the Minerva, the Tania and the Lucrezia, la Fulvia.

As you have surely noticed, many of Tuscany Leather’s bags bear the names of Latin goddesses or Italian women, precisely to emphasize the peninsular origin of the brand’s exclusive products.

Another emerging Italian brand is that of Federico Price, which produces genuine leather bags. The accessories created by the maison are essential elements for every woman who wishes to express her mood and character. Federico Price’s luxury italian leather handbags are real must-haves, without which no woman could leave the house.

These bags are known by all for the quality of the materials with which they are produced, for their versatility and their ability to complete any look, from that for the most elegant occasions to that for the most casual moments.

The italian leather handbags for women must must handmadebags

There are many Italian women who appreciate an excellent leather handbag. Fashion addicts love to show them off on any occasion, be it an important event or a simple evening with friends.

It is always the right time to let yourself be pampered by a leather garment, made with care by local artisans and by great local brands that are always sensitive to materials.

Here are the best bags for women.

An Italian brand loved comes of the Sicily is definitely FP Bag, which creates accessories made with full grain leather. As the brand itself claims: “this leather was hand tanned Sicilian style in the heart of Sicily to soften, patina, and develop a silky touch.” Natural vegetable oil extracts are used to create rich and fibrous colors.

The brand produces leather bags whit  uses durable, subtle textured leather to create spacious and functional bags. The brand pays great attention to detail and exudes all the love of these Italian craftsmen from the manufacturing of accessories. These elements are processed to be used in the production of leather bags loved by Italian women and exotics.

Federico Price, in the hart of Sicily, defines its Italian leather bags for as true gentlemen and elegant women. The bags of this brand are famous for being resistant to time and for becoming even more beautiful as they age. These handbags are perfect for lovers of fashionable, comfortable and original accessories.

There are no words to describe the Italian leather handbags for women, accessories that cannot be missing in any wardrobe. tunai4d

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