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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Sunflowers?

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Sunflowers play an important role in brightening up an event with their heavenly beauty. They are mainly known for lasting long with very minimal care in addition to coming in a wide range of colors with a light or dark center. The traditional yellow sunflowers have long earned the status of being filled with a flaming red or teddy touch. Moreover, they are usually high in all-natural properties. Nowadays, blossoms of this nature are easily available in a wide range of patterns and shades. Most of them follow the sunflower in the pattern of their movement till they become very old. These usually face east at the end of each day. Each floral arrangement of this nature usually consists of several tiny buds. It is a popular belief that these flowers have a yellowish pigmentation, however, the fact is that they are not restricted to it. Some of the most prominent examples of the yellow buds, American giant, Zohar, and Elegance. The lesser-known facts about these flowers can be discussed as follows.

Natives Of America:

Sunflowers are the natives of America but are grown in almost all the parts of the universe, today for various purposes. These were first domesticated somewhere in 1000 B.C. A study in 2014 estimated that around 1.7 acres of farmland were covered by plants bearing these flowers only in the US with the majority of them found in North Dakota. These buds have a record of finding places in old films and stories. Most people are of the opinion that Vincent Van Gogh was the only painter of these flowers, which is not at all true; there were also other renowned painters of these. These blossoms often carry an endless number of meanings and symbols, a few of them dating back to ancient Greek mythologies with mention of the story of Clytie and the Sun God. It is said that Apollo fell in deep love with the beautiful princess Lucecothoe, the daughter of king Clytie. The king got to know about this and did not allow his princess to see Apollo. One night the king discovered his princess with the sun God and ordered his daughter to be buried alive. Apollo turned his beloved into a bud of sunflower to stay away from seeing her again. Make a point to order flowers online from a popular online florist outlet over the ones available in physical stores to get the maximum value for your hard-earned cash.

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Millions of people may not be aware of the fact that these flowers can be both long and short, but if you believe me, then this is especially true. You would be amazed to know that they attract a huge number of pollinators because of their ability to warm up as compared to the bushes that face in the west direction.

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The Longest Sunflowers Is More Than 30 Feets In Height:

Did you know that the tallest sunflower breed can go over 30 feet in height? Yes, you have heard it right. Hans Peter Schiffer in Karst, Germany was the first to cultivate this species. The plants were regarded to be one inch in the terms of height. This statement was confirmed by the Guinness world record in 2014. Schiffer was awarded three times for this unique invention.

There is one breed of these buds that most people may often mistake as a stuffed animal “ Cuddly”. It is also famous for the name “teddy bear blossoms”.

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Can Be Processed Into SunButter:

These can be easily processed into sun butter that is a perfect and healthier option to the peanut or almond one. People who are allergic to nuts must definitely give this variant a try to stay happy and comfortable.

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Sunflowers can be used in an endless number of ways such as wedding decoration or beautification of walls. You can also use them to fill the special events in the life of your dearest ones with optimum joy and enthusiasm.

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